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  1. Rob Allen

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    I guess what I am saying is that
    1 the hatchery on the Klickitat is destroying it's native runs point blank that;s a fact

    2 the wild runs on the Klickitat are more valuable that tribal fishing rights there
  2. FinLuver

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    I once went to a softball tourney in Klickitat, spoke to a local...immediately heard banjos playin'

    ...not a lot goin' on in that little town. ;)
  3. bennysbuddy

    bennysbuddy the sultan of swing

    at least they have live music !
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  4. JS

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    Rob Allen, FinLuver, and Dustin Bootz are all the same person suffering from disjointed multiple personality syndrome. Seriously, put your proposals into WFW and stop bitching on the internet.
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    You're bitching on the Internet about people bitching on the Internet?

  6. Dustin Bootz

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    You better shut your mouth when your're talking to me.
  7. Scottpuck

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    While all of us sports fisherman continue to beat up on each other, can somebody point me to the total harvest that commercial, tribal, and sport fishing contributes along with the average run size and escapement goals for the Klickitat for the past few years? How about incidental mortality... Like steelhead numbers being caught in nets during the tribal king netting harvest season.

    Are set nets and gill nets still being utilized on the Klickitat? I'm interested in the timing and duration of these seasons, since nets are completely indiscriminant and non-target species are thrown back (I guess to fertilize the river).

    Prior to jumping on the anti-guide, anti-bait, anti this and anti that dialog I'd really like to see some data to see how much of the problem actually stems from the sport fishing community.
  8. Rob Allen

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    Simple fact is that the tribes are going to get everything they want. It is up to sport anglers to sacrifice. The tribal fishermen are not going to do anything good for the Klicks wild steelhead. Also you are a racist if you mention that maybe they should change. There is no winning that fight politically. Therefore sport anglers have to shoulder 100% of the burden.
  9. hydrological

    hydrological beads are NOT flies and snagging is just ghetto

    i like this idea :eek: was the missing puctuation intentional ?
  10. Rob Allen

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    LOL oops.
  11. hydrological

    hydrological beads are NOT flies and snagging is just ghetto

    i think things should change, apparently. i am a racist. lets all donate our hatchery clones to the tribes, in lieu of nets. i'll deliver mine to thier front door. if i can ever land one on my single barbless hook, that is.
    oh, yeah, i guess i'll need to swing one up first, too :confused: sorry boat bound beaders, i'm gonna need you to you leave me a hundred feet worth of unmolested fish in the run below me, so i can swing up a brat for the tribe. just reel in your junk for twenty seconds as you pass, and coast on thru ;)

    disclaimer: this post heavily barbed and mis-puctuated.
  12. Slipstream

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    FYI: The only net fishery allowed on the Klickitat is a ceremonial, subsistence and commericial (regulated seasons) dip-net fishery, that takes place mostly between the Fisher Hill bridge and the #5 fishway. Tom
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    So basically the only thing not allowed is a sport net fishery? That's comforting.
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  15. Rob Allen

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    probably the most intelligent post on this thread...
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  16. hydrological

    hydrological beads are NOT flies and snagging is just ghetto

    had to refresh this thread after talking to yet another montana guide heading to washington to guide boober and bead yahoos on the klick. no longer are they just invading the peninsula. almost mkes me embarrassed to call myself a montanan. enough is enough ! what a joke that river is becoming. sad, sad , sad.
    when will wild fish ever get a break ? maybe an earth first trip should be held there. just tell them where to plant the explosives. seriously though, is there a solution that doesnt involve violence ?? lets all hope (me included) i dont come down with a terminal disease ;)
  17. sleestak240

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    They won't...until the last one turns up a river or all the rivers are closed to fishing.

    There is a lot that can and should be done to fix the horribly flawed guide system in the state of Washington...it's an unfortunate free-for-all that will continue to see more and more guys with zero skin in the game try to utilize a public resource for their own enrichment.

    What amazes me is that there is actually enough demand to make it worth these guys' time. It just boggles my mind that there are that many people wanting to drop $500/day to be guided; not to mention there is already a pretty full roster of local outfits running trips as it is.

    I'm curious how busy this Montana guy will really be...perhaps it's more an "off season vacation" with a part-time guiding component mixed in when he drums up a sport?
  18. pbunbury

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    No offense to guides, but we need designated guide free water in WA. Last Montana guide I saw in Klickitat was lit up at Huntingtons and offering free trips trying to get $ per fish caught for his clients. Bad news.
  19. Evan Burck

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    The Klick actually has some guide-free water. Below the Pitt Bridge is designated "wild and scenic." It's either completely closed to guiding, or there are a very limited number of permits.
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  20. bhudda

    bhudda heffe'

    Zoller, Larimer, and maybe 2 others..have permits to guide down there.. and they enforce it pretty well!
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