Klickitat Report 8/11/13

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  1. Did a little dawn patrol shift on the Klick this morning. Had heard some mixed reports and I did my yard work shift yesterday so I hit the river upstream of Klickitat.

    Water is stained as usual (about 2.5 feet of vis at 7 am) but wasn't terrible. The traffic on the river is picking up already... by 9 AM, 5 boats had gone past me but I didn't see many bank anglers above mile marker 10.

    Got a nice little series of tugs and dropped my loop halfway through the run. Fish on! It felt small but decent until it gave up after 15 seconds. I figured it was just a Klickitat mega-smolt, resi-trout, or sucker but as I got it in I was shocked to see a 14" Chinook. Not much fun on my TCX 7126!

    It was starting to turn gray and it looked like one of the mini-jacks that I've heard about this past year. It was clipped but based on it's coloration and me not being sure of the regs regarding salmon, I let it go. I assume it was a Spring/Summer jack Chinook. Has anyone else swung up one of these "mini" jacks?

    I finished out the run with a suspicious tug but no hook up and then worked some more water until noon. The stain on the water was getting considerably worse (as usual during the cycling of summer) and I called it a day.

    I was fishing a 525 Rio Skagit Short on my TCX with a MOW Medium 2.5 float and 7.5 sink tip. I really could've gone for the 5/5 MOW tip but I didn't have one. The 525 Short is REALLY short and every so often I found myself pulling my anchor on casts. . Maybe a 550 Skagit Flight will be a better match! The TCX is a new rod to me and I'm trying to get it dialed. All in good time I suppose.

    Tight lines!
  2. I fished the evening water below town. It was about 1' vis but got better as I stepped down. Must have had a downpour or two within the drainage last night, flow spiked. Think it's just runoff sediment, not glacial till. Should settle out fast.

    Those mini-jacks are pretty common. Mega-smolts are real. Been hearing about alot of trout being caught, many over 14". Descriptions make me think they are steelhead smolts, If they are and you catch one please release it as quickly as possible. These large smolts might be the outmigrants that come back big. They leave too big for seagulls, too big for pike-minnows and start their salt predation twice the size of most steelhead smolts. Mega-smolts!!!
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  3. The trick is getting them to smolt as often the case is hatchery fish sexually mature without ever leaving the system and residulize without migrating to salt, thereby using up resources that could/should be used by natural origin fish. There is a fine line in the hatchery world between large size (to increase survival as you state) and precocious maturation, which the feds. state, tribes or anglers don't want.
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  4. Mega smolts??? I've caught plenty of beautifully marked resident rainbows from 12-18" on that river. Between the hatches and annual egg drop I'm actually surprised the trout fishing isn't better than it is.

    Stick with the short on that rod that's a great match. You are blowing your anchor because you are moving too fast (In a nutshell). Use a continuous motion throughout your stroke concentrating on keeping an even load on the rod. Study skagit master 1 and keep practicing. Perry pokes and doubles IMHO.
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  5. Yeah, the Poke was my best cast on the rod with that line. I'll slow it down and get more time on it too! Should make a world of difference. It has on my other rods for sure!

    Thanks for the info Sean!
  6. .

    The reason the trout fishing isn't "better than it is" is because there are very few resident trout in the Klickitat.

    Mega-smolts are real. I too have caught plenty of O. mykiss within the 12-18" range but most have been "unclipped" and silver with black spots, very little rainbow coloration. When I was running the screw trap we caught a few unusually large smolts every year, clearly smolts from my perspective, silver as could be. We didn't fish the trap during smolt planting but certainly some hatchery plants didn't leave quickly. I really think most of the hatchery fish that don't leave are bait for birds or caught so many times they eventually die or are harvested to become bait for the northern pike-minnow erradication efforts. I don't have scale or otolith proof but am pretty confident a few of those large wild O. mykiss outmigrants are 3 yrs., maybe 4 yrs., in freshwater prior to outmigrating. This is an excellent opportunity for an interested grad student to write himself a thesis. Stick with the scales if you can.
  7. dry line Tyler
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  8. I was up at Leidl on Saturday and then fished Stinson on Sunday. We caught 3 or 4 what I thought were nice "trout" in the 12" range. But now Im not sure what they were. There was a never ending supply of smolts in the 2"-3" range jumping all over the river and batting at our flies.The river had even less visibility further up, but seemed to clear up as the day went on on. No steel for us. heard of one hatchery fish caught up above Leidl.

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  9. I was going off what my buddies did the day before... they caught their Summerheads once they went to tips. As the summer goes on, I'll get more time on the Scandi/Rage setup. I just wanted to chuck that damn Skagit head with the Deathstar... it's so tempting!

    At least I wasn't nymphing that day! I held back the urge. ;)
  10. Headed down to the Klick early tomorrow for the weekend with a buddy and gonna be throwing my Deathstar. I'll give a report after the weekend. If the vis is super low we'll probably fish the Deschutes on Sat/Sun.

    Tight lines!
  11. I may be out on either of those rivers (or both) Sat/Sun evenings. I think it more likely I'll be on the big D. If you see a big dude in a boonie hat wearing an orange backpack, it's probably me.

    Throw some rocks or tell me how shitty my casting is :)

    But not really. I'll cry.

  12. Considering it's been mid 90's you might as well bring some gold prospecting equipment rather than the deathstar.

  13. I'm always one for optimism. My buddy was down there a couple weeks ago and did really well. Either way, it's just fun being on the water. I checked the weather and looks like it's cooling down to the mid 70's this weekend.
  14. Sorry for the delayed trip report, but JesseC was spot on, we fished 2 days and only went 6 for 6 on steel. Definitely should have brought my gold prospecting equipment, would have been a much more productive trip. Here's a couple photos from Aug 24th and 25th.

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  15. pbunbury, seems to me you did very well indeed, 6 for 6 is tough to beat around here. That wild buck that Troy (I think it's Troy?) is holding is a trip maker to the guy who hooked and landed it, Troy I assume. Gold is more valuable than silver but on the Klickitat your chances are better going after silver, there may be some gold but the wild Klickitat silver is way more exciting. Maybe not abundant this year but certainly more abundant than gold.

    Also, how are you producing those pics, there's some interesting photoshoping adjustments there, your pics look great! Care to let us know how you're doing it?
  16. Also, how are you producing those pics, there's some interesting photoshoping adjustments there, your pics look great! Care to let us know how you're doing it?[/quote]

    Yes i would like to know this as well. Those pics look great i like the style.
  17. Yes i would like to know this as well. Those pics look great i like the style.[/quote]
    there is various tools to do it filters, hue adjustment, and color changes. Photoshop is such a vast program i would suggest taking a class to understand the big picture.
  18. there is various tools to do it filters, hue adjustment, and color changes. Photoshop is such a vast program i would suggest taking a class to understand the big picture.
  19. Think it's got to do with saturation and sharpening? Color separation is striking and the water is "perfect".

    That 3rd pic really strikes me. The fish of course...that large floppy adipose and shoulders make me think he could be a 3 footer, actually I think he's larger than that.

    I'd like to buy a copy of that pic, I'd frame it and display it at the shop. PM's work.
  20. Another Q, hoping Salmo_g is around. Wondering about the database of age at outmigration of Washington Steelhead. Where do we see older outmigrants? Do we see outmigrants over 2+ fresh? Have studies ID'd anything? Maybe studies have not been done? The real problem is any large steelhead will get caught in an 8 inch mesh gillnet. The most valuable fish are killed each year simply because they are large.

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