Klickitat Report 8/11/13

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    Hey Klickrolf,

    I was joking around about the gold. Steel is the only thing on my mind. Yea, Troy and I fished pretty hard for 2 days and despite the tough conditions we were really happy with the results. We both got 3 nice fish!

    As far as the photos, if you've got an iPhone I've got great news for you. The app I use is called Camera+, I think it costs around $2 in the app store. It allows you to edit the photo with tremendous results and is very user friendly. Lots of lighting adjustments and filters you can add to the pictures. I used several different combinations in the pictures above. Feel free to give me a shout if you have any questions.

    Tight lines!

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    Most WA steelhead smolt at age 2, usually more than 80%. Older smolts are more likely from upper reaches of watersheds where average temps are colder and productivity is low.

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    Thanks for the reply Salmo. I'm quite interested in the 20%, or I should say the % that smolt at age 3 & older. I've read a bit about some BC fish smolting at 4+ (colder & less productive water, as you noted). In colder/less productive water the fish would grow slower so a 4yr old smolt might not be any larger than the usual 2yr old smolt. Here I'm thinking about smolts that are large, unusually large.
    Either genetics or additional time in freshwater, I don't know. Maybe a combination of upper watershed birth and lower watershed rearing?

    The Klickitat definitely has some of that water, mostly above Castille Falls. We collected a "few" scale samples from those large smolts (what I'm calling smolts) but never had them "professionally" read. I tried to read them but it ain't quite as straight forward (easy) as I'd hoped, scale regeneration etc. Mostly I just released the fish because I didn't want to mess with them. I saw the potential back then and wanted to meet up with those fish on their return visit.

    Is there a data base of scale or otolith samples of Wild WA steelhead smolts available anywhere? I'd be interested in learning more.

    Got your PM Parker, I'll be replying in a minute or two, thanks.

    Edit: an interesting read here http://ykfp.org/steelheadworkshop/literature/Pevenetal1994.pdf
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