Klickitat River, WA

Discussion in 'Trip Reports with Pics' started by DockBoy, Sep 29, 2013.

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  2. Kelly Michelsen Active Member

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    Great pics, I don't like seeing the wild fish out of the water, not a
    Good pic considering a guided trip!
    Kelly Michelsen
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  4. constructeur Active Member

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    The Klickitat reports from new guys/city folks/mother******* that can't be bothered to read the regulations are always the same:

    1. Hire guide for a stack of bills

    2. Fish beads all day

    3. Bro pics holding native fish out of water

    4. Post on Waff about said killer trip

    Thanks for the report bro, I had no idea Summer fish would bite in the rain, and thanks to Evening Hatch for getting you on those fish, bummer about them not telling you it was illegal to hold them waist high out of the water for photos:)

    Edited by Ed for obvious reasons.
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  6. papafsh Piscatorial predilection

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    I don't see any adipose fins on either of those fish, even with the pic enlarged. Gettin' so a guy can't share any picks on this board without the holier than thou-bunch jumpin' in with both feet.

  7. Freestone Not to be confused with freestoneangler

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    He removed the photo with the wild steelhead out of water and edited the text to remove the name of the outfitter.
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  8. Blake Harmon Active Member

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    what happened to the people making their dime on our shared resource being held to the highest standard. Pretty weaaaaaaaaak.
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  9. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    That's how things roll on the Klick nowadays. There's some good eggs for sure, but the standard there has lowered quite a bit.
  10. DockBoy New Member

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    Just wanted to clear the air a little bit. While I don't understand the level of animosity towards guided trips (I've been on all three sides as a guide, client and obviously unguided fisherman), I do understand the animosity towards me. It was a stupid but good faith mistake and I should've known better. I have immense respect for wild fish, and take great care of them.

    Also worth pointing out that I landed and held the fish on my own. I clearly broke Washington's rule but the guide did not. In fact, he was not involved whatsoever, and I have no doubt he would have instructed me otherwise if he were.

    Accountability is great. But calling me a mother****** is not. Grow up.
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  11. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    We actually in general have a high respect for the guides that hold the resource in high regard. Plenty of those around, many who post on here. There IS some animosity toward guided trips that involve nothing but bead fishing in fisheries that are being overrun with excessive pressure, and there is animosity toward guides who aren't playing by the rules, which appeared to be the case in the post. Good on you for coming back to clear the air, though. Not many would do that with a level head.
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  12. Blake Harmon Active Member

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    You talk about accountability and yet you have to conjur up lies so that a shop cant be accountable for its actions.... Our rules in Washington should have been clear before you got on the boat. or at least while you guys were hooked up to your first fish..... You stated (in your thread that you completely deleted so we cannot reference......) that you were fishing beads exclusively.... I find it hard to believe that you were not only out of the boat and away from the guide, but around the corner???? give us a break......
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    Blake you seem to have a lot of time on your hands to police this forum. Maybe you should channel all your energy into becoming a game warden instead.
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    I am with jmara on this one.

    Get off your high horse for a second Blakey and chill the hell out. The guy apologized.

    And to Dockboy : I didn't actually get to see your post before you deleted it, but don't worry about these Donkeys on this forum.

    Keep on Truckin!!!
  15. Phil Fravel Friendly

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    Welcome to the WFF
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  16. scottybs Active Member

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    He owned up to his foul, live and learn, I guarantee everyone here is not a Saint!
  17. constructeur Active Member

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    As in everything in life, you have to take the shit with the sugar.

    If you guys think a guy going to law school that used to be a guide (by his own words) that's fishing with his lawyer dad, and a professional guide is A-o.k. to follow the rules as they see fit, or that *oopsy* they just didn't know better, then I think you're jacked up.

    My original sentiments were just making fun of the macabre scene that Reds/Jack Mitchell have created on that river (and others). They've marketed to the skill-less/low skill, over compensated (206)ers, and in the end create a sort of put-n-take trout experience on what is not.
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    Yes Darn those Seattle-ites to heck.....They are all spoiled rotten.......:rolleyes:
  19. t_law Active Member

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    Yeah, i hate it when skill-less lawyers from Seattle hire a guide to take them fishing, that's fucked up.
    Could you be more of D-bag constructeur?......It's rhetorical so don't try to answer that.
  20. Joe Goodfellow Active Member

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    Most of you all have pics of fish out the water. Oh wait there barely have there stomachs in the water. That still counts tho right?? C'mon you guys give me a break. Your all a bunch of posers and just jealous of that guy.