Klickitat this Saturday 11/17

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  1. I know the season is winding down, but I got the itch. Anyone care to join or meet up on the river?

    I am going to be banking it and have a few spots down pretty pat. Levels should be solid/clarity should be good. Weather may go to crap later in the day but if we get there early, it'll be prime.

    I'm leaving from Vancouver/Camas by 5:00 AM. Anyone who wants to join, please PM me. I am looking to get back to town by 7PM
  2. I might, but I gotta double check with the wife to make sure she doesn't need me around on Saturday. I'll PM you later in the week if I'm able to.
  3. Seats are just about full. I've responded to PMs. Consider the post/offer closed except to those who I've responded to (I've talked to your buddy already Steffan so no worries on your end)!
  4. dam im moving this weekend. I willl be doing a guided trip next week on then klick im excited to fish this river
  5. For once I have the sense to quit beating my head against a wall and knocking myself out for another trip to the Klickitat. Sure, you have one day, Saturday, before the flow starts bumping upwards, but it's going to be raining hard, filling the river with leaves, and it will be damn cold. Then by Monday, the river will blow for the rest of this season, finishing it for me with 0 for the whole damn season, beads or swing, every weekend since June. I'm going to stay close to the fire and do a little fiddling.
  6. Numbers have been fair this year , probably good for what has come over the dam.

    Been slow lately but a nice buck came to hand this evening. Don't be afraid to change tips....
  7. Camped at Leidl Thurs-Sunday. Brought a 10lb native buck to hand on the swing on Saturday. We caught a number of nice trout as well. Although it rained most of the time, the water clarity held up nicely through last night when we packed up and headed out. Just looked at the USGS site and see the water is coming up fast... timing is everything.
  8. The weather wasn't too bad and water clarity was not awful. I enjoyed myself immensely! By 3 PM, we packed up and left but we put in 7 good hours on the water before the rain really started in earnest. I sure wish I had a boat on the river though. So many tasty, small pockets.

    I feel good with how/where I fished though. The tactics seemed right (from experience) but it is steelheading. We were at Leidl for a bit Thursday. Some beautiful runs downstream of there. I didn't go upstream from the bridge though.

    Flows are NOT looking good for the rest of the season though. I'll just have to get into small water, winter steelhead mode.
  9. Well the way it looks right now you might have hit the last day of the season!

    To me a day spent swinging flies on the klick is better than almost anything else in life.

    A boat certainly helps once you get above town, even if its just to see where the good spots to walk in are.
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  10. Isn't that the truth about finding those sweet runs in the Canyon. The last time I had fished the Klick, I just got into learning spey casting. I was instead nymphing from shore/the boat and found best success in tiny pockets behind boulders/structure. Very trouty behavior. Then again, the salmon were so thick in the typical steelhead spots that I assume pushed the steel into the tiny, harder to reach lies.
  11. Truth. Seems like the fish are holding in the bigger structure breaks or the shallow shit. Makes for a lot of mode changing. Just fun trying to solve the riddle.

    Good onya for getting after it and dragging some folks with ya.
  12. Fished this weekend as well. Floated Liedle to Stinson on Fri and Summit to Liedle on Sat. Lots of moldy salmon clouding up the water in all the typical good spots. Hooked 1 fish behind a bunch of salmon and came unpinned. Only fish I touched all weekend. Killed a shit-ton of beer though. ;)
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  13. If you cant catch a fish, you can ALWAYS catch a buzz
  14. The Klick crested at about 2800 cfs mid-day today. NOAA's NW river forcast predicted cresting at about 4800 cfs. Freezing level is falling and the weather forecast suggests rain is less likely.

    Prediction...she'll come back into swinging shape before the season ends...I'll bet a week or less.
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  15. Yes sir! As soon as I can ditch the inlaws (Monday) I'm hoping to get back after it. Every day the weather report looks better and better.

    Some of my best days are in less than 2' of visibility.
  16. Flows are back down, but I don't know how it looks today. I was wondering if it was going to hold until tomorrow to give me a last chance to redeem myself for this terrible season. Then I noticed, crap, November is a 30 day month. The Klick will be closed tomorrow.
  17. She looked great Paul. At least 3'+++ vis. She closed with a bang for those who fished her, I wasn't among them. Too bad you missed it, hope to see more of you next year.
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