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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Billy McFly, Mar 8, 2013.

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    OK - Here's a newbie knot question. I just put a new line on my reel and used an albright knot to tie it to the backing. The new line is an Airflo and it does not have a loop on the end but the new leaders RIO, 9ft 5X does. So the question is - Do I cut the loop off the leader and use something like an albright to tie it to the line or should I tie a loop on the end of my line to attach the leader?

    Is the benefit of the loop to loop for quick change of leaders??

    Thanks again
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    You should add or create a loop for the front tip of your line. Either buy a package of three or four braided loops from most fly shops, which include instructions for easy installation; or make a served loop of the tip of your line: fold about 2" of the tip back on itself, and wrap about one inch of the ajoining lines with either a couple of nail knots, using 8-15 lb. mono, or fly tying thread. Then coat the wraps with some flexible glue. You can often get a fly shop to do it for you, free or for a few dollars.
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    You could also nail knot on some 20 lb Maxima and put a loop knot in that.

  4. Flyborg Active Member

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    There are a number of shops that can weld a loop onto the front for you, which is nice for changing leaders. I'm actually surprised you found a line without a welded loop on the front, most new lines have them.

    Barring that, I personally prefer to nail knot a short section of stiff mono (try to match the stiffness of the flyline) to the front of the line and tie a perfection loop in the front of that to attach my tapered leaders to. That way you're not continually cutting into the flyline.
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    Nail knot a short 30lb peice of leader to your flyline and then put a loop in the leader. You can now use this to change out leaders. I do this with all my lines that either don't have a loop or the loop has worn out. Works great and the price is right at free.

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    What Flyborg said.
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    Thanks for the info - Cortland has a slip-on leader loop that works a little like a Chinese finger lock where the weave opens up to slide on the line and tightens up when you pull on it. It comes with little pieces of heat shrink to cover the transition where the weave ends. I also put a couple dabs of super glue under the heat shrink. Great fix.

    Thanks Again
  8. The Duke Been around

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    I have used this technique and had it let go mid fish. If it holds, great! If not, do what Flyborg said and tie a leader butt on with a short piece 30 or 20 lb. test mono with a nail knot attached to the fly line and a perfection loop on the other end to attach your pre-looped leaders. I have yet to have a nail knot come loose.
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    I like the needle nail knot. It slides through my tip top better, which makes a huge difference when my guides ice up. You could needle-nail some Maxima brown on, tie a perfection loop on that and loop-to-loop your leader to that. Zap-a-gap or a UV glue will make the bulky knots stronger and slicker.
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    Ha, ha, ha, ha.