Knot Tying Tools - Yes or No

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What would you say about the knot tying tools?

Own it and use it all the time. 25 vote(s) 42.4%
Own it and used it a couple times. 19 vote(s) 32.2%
Own it, but never seem to need it since I just use my fingers. 6 vote(s) 10.2%
I Don't own one, but I plan to get one. 3 vote(s) 5.1%
Total waste of money. 6 vote(s) 10.2%
  1. PatrickH Active Member

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    Snohomish County Wa
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    I was wondering how many people use or don't use the Knot tying tools.
    Are they worth picking up or just a waste of money?
    Is one tool better then another?
    What's a good one to get?
    Are they just for people who have a hard time tying small knots or?
    I know a shoe horn helps you put your shoes on, but it's not really needed. Well, unless you have a hard time putting on your shoes :(
  2. Bert Registered Potamophile

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    Everett, WA
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  3. Theron Active Member

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    I use the Tie-Fast for nail knots.
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  4. Fishman Member

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    For Nail knot
  5. Dave Evans Active Member

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    Yup, tie-fast for nail knots and a leader vise for blood knots when making leaders.
  6. David Loy Senior Moment

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    Wolf Bay
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    No, I don't usually carry it, but maybe should. It ties a good nail knot but I also like the teeth when tying surgeons knots, or anytime I need to reach through a loop and grab a tag.
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  7. Roger Nott Member

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    I bought a Tie-Fast combo nippers a couple of years ago and after decades of doing nail knots by hand I love the nail knot feature. I'm surprised to see positive nail knot comments. I would have thought with welded loops on just about all the fly lines, nail knots would be a thing of the past (nail knot still my preference).
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  8. Drifter Active Member

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    I will need some glasses soon, have never used a tying tool. I use my knuckle-draggers bait holder knot for my leader to fly line and it has never failed!
  9. LD Active Member

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    Spokane, WA
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    I was shown to take a large needle and heat the point and bend it back to make a loop. Simple, cheap and the best nail not tool I have used.
  10. zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

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    Moses Lake, WA
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    I use it when I'm attaching butt sections to my fly lines.
  11. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Dillon, Mt
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    I used to be able to tie a nail knot. But since I became old and shakier. I've been going to the loop to loop connection. Things are much simpler now. About the only knots I have to tie is adding tippet and tying on a fly.
  12. Old406Kid Active Member

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    Same here. I've made and given away a lot of these. Just heat and make a loop on the point end, tie a loop of backing or old fly line and hook it to a zinger or wherever convenient. Sometimes I heat and spread the eye slightly as well.
    I always seem to struggle with the slope on the other tool.
  13. IveofIone Active Member

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    I have used the same straight shank bobbin for tying nail knots for over 30 years. I have 2 of the nail knot tools including the Tie-Fast model pictured above. I have never been able to get as nice a nail knot out of a tool as I get out of the bobbin. That being said, a straight shanked plain stainless steel and brass bobbin is just about impossible to find nowadays, they have all gone to the flared tip models.

    I say screw the tool.

  14. Preston Active Member

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    I've used a variety of objects for tying nail knots ranging from a nail to a small twig. The handiest has been a large needle which also works for a multitude of other applications.
  15. Bert Registered Potamophile

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    Everett, WA
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    Ive, I think I know where you are coming from. I didn't get it either until I watched this video.

    Here is the crucial point -- don't go slow. It's important to transfer the knot with a firm, secure snap.
  16. underachiever !

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    I use it for nail knots. I don't often use hand tied leaders but when I do I use a nail knot spice instead of a blood knot.
  17. weiliwen Active Member

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    Chicago Illinois
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    When my can of WD-40 ran out, I cut the tube in half and have used it ever since for tying nail knots. I can slip a piece of monofilament through the tube easily. I use it every time I fly fish, like Cornholio said above here, instead of a blood knot.

    Oh yeah, reading glasses, too. They should count as a tool to tie knots, at least for me!
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  18. Olive bugger Active Member

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    Use of the above tool would make it a" TIE-FAST NAIL KNOT, KNOT?"
  19. Ron Eagle Elk Active Member

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    Yelm, WA, USA.
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    I worked in a fly shop this past summer on the Madison River in Montana. I spooled up a bunch of lines and the tool quickly became my friend. Had one bead chained to a set of high quality nippers and it was part of my work wear.
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  20. Jim B Flyfishin' and homebrewin'....priorities ?

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    Tacoma, WA
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    The only tool I use is a Nip n Knot, and almost exclusively as a does come in handy for the very seldom-used nail knot.
    Jim B.
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