Knot Tying Tools - Yes or No

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What would you say about the knot tying tools?

  1. Own it and use it all the time.

    25 vote(s)
  2. Own it and used it a couple times.

    19 vote(s)
  3. Own it, but never seem to need it since I just use my fingers.

    6 vote(s)
  4. I Don't own one, but I plan to get one.

    3 vote(s)
  5. Total waste of money.

    6 vote(s)
  1. Funny, when I answered the survey I thought we were talking whip finish tools. In any case I use both a tie fast and a whip finish tool. I really like the look of the Nip N Knot that Jim B. posted above. I'll have to find one of those to have in my chest pack.
  2. I use a Tie-Fast when I need to fab a nail knot.
  3. When I first started out tying knots I used a football needle. Just file the end off and your just fine. Your leader will go through the needle. I also used the tip of a fiberglass rod. The hollow part. Or in a pinch when nothing else is available, A small stick.
  4. I've using the Moodus Knot Tool for years...can be a bit hard to find...but works great. I got so worried about losing one in a lake that I now have 4 of them.

    Makes tying tippets on with blood knots very easy, good for professional quality nail knots, and has a rather ingenious fly eyelet well as a hidden bobbin that's useful for pulling stray hackle out of clinch knots.
  5. You left out "none of the above."

    I don't have one, don't use one, but I don't think they're a waste of money for those who buy and use them.

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  6. Neither did I until I got old enough to need one....these ancient fingers just don't manage to function like they used to!
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  7. I use the Tie-Fast Knot Tyer for all applications shown in the demo. Exceptions are the non-slip loop knot to allow for increased wet fly action, and the double surgeon for adding on tippet in a hurry.

    The demo lacks one important element, probably left out due to the "ick" factor... moisten the line before tightening-up the knots, in particular for fluorocarbon. It reduces the friction/heat that can weaken the line.
  8. I tie by hand. Nail knots I only use for fly line to backing, very infrequent, and I just use a bodkin from my fly tying stuff. Leader to fly line is an improved clinch on either a welded loop, or one I created by using a nail knot and some backing and lacquer. Tying leaders, I start with a 7 1/2' 3x leader, and double-surgeons some 3x (good enough if streamer fishing trout), 4x for nymphing, and 5x if fishing dries. I go 6x if the fish are really damn finicky but generally the 6x just hangs on my vest near the 7x.
  9. I, like OMJ used tips of old broken fly rods for nail knots, then I joined the 20th century and now use plastic Q-tips cut in half. haven't found anything better and I use the nail knot tool at work, but don't like it as well as Q-tips..... Old dog new
    tricks, I guess....
  10. I've been tying my nail knots with with a mono loop. This is the video I saw it in. (Edit: link isn't skipping to the correct time for me, skip to about 2:53 in the video) Works really well and you don't need any tools, just some extra mono. I don't think a tool would be a wast of money though if it helps you tie knots.
  11. I have one of those jigs for tying blood knots...attaching tippet together, and use it a lot. It makes attaching the lines very fast. I was hesitant to get it, but glad I got it.

  12. I seem to have lost mine. It is somewhere in my fly tying stuff.

    Those small leaders are hard for old eyes and fingers.
  13. Coffee Stirrers also work great. and they're cheap, or free if you run into the Golden Arches, grab some from the condiment station, and then run out again.

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