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  1. I just got back from a long drive to koffler boats in Eugene. It was well worth the trip. Joe Koffler is a great guy and has built me A real nice pram I couldn't be more pleased. I bought a 10 foot pram, wich will be just right for my daughter and I. Can't wait to get it on the water. Like I said Joe is A great guy so if you need A pram send some money his way.
  2. Joe is indeed a good guy..... he'll take care of you....a fine family owned business...
  3. Great choice, a lifetime boat, solid and reliable.
  4. Are you allowed to post about a new boat without a pic? Where's the forum moderators?

  5. Sorry about no pics. I will post some as soon as I learn how to use this new site.
  6. Koffler boats are built like battleships....they will give you a lifetime of pleasure and safety.
    Carl Blackledge
  7. Here are the pictures of the boat and my daughter fishing in it. It rows like a dream.
    Olivia in the Koffler.JPG boat1.JPG boat2.JPG
  8. Great little boat, as shown by your daughter's smile! I've had a 10' Koffler Pram for about 3 years now and couldn't be more pleased.
  9. Sweet pram! I bought a 10' fish rite earlier this year for my 9 year old some and I and it has been great. Really changes my approach to stillwater fishing and there is nothing my son would rather do than go fish in the pram.

    Maybe a father/child pram gathering should be in the works sometime!
  10. Sweet, Bob . . . enjoy both the boat AND time on the water with your Daughter.
  11. Thanks Jim thats kind of the reason I got the pram to take my girls fishing.I waited A long time to by A koffler. Ive passed on A bunch of prams that were on this site including the fish rite. Im glad its working for you Nick!!!!!! So I just had to bite the bullet And get A new one. Im A little sore though trying to pull it up a short steep bank at my local lake. I can get it in and out of the truck and into the lake with ease. but pulling it up the bank by myself is tuff. The boat is built like A battelship I absoulutely love it. My daughter does to. She hooked and landed her first trout on a fly rod yesterday. Shes 7.Its a good start.
  12. A "chip off the old Dad" . . . next, we'll get her out with a 28 in a couple years.
  13. Rankin. in regards to pulling it up the hill. We had the same issue with our raft at a takeout on the Spokane River. I got two pulleys and a appropriate length of rope and made a bock and tackle. Now I can pull it up the hill alone and it weighs about 300# loaded.
  14. Rankin,

    I wrote an article about prams for STS magazine. I would always want to be in a well made strong boat as compared to some lesser made boat, When your heavy boat is in the water, It's as light as a feather, sure you might have to grunt a little more to load it, so what, your safety is well worth it. Isn't it?

    Carl Blackledge

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  15. Just ordered my Koffler Rocky Mountain Trout Boat last week. Not sure I will survive for 6weeks while I wait, but I sure am excited! I ordered it for the same reason several of you did, it will allow me to get my two girls out on both stillwater and moving water, and will last forever.
  16. You bet Jim she allready wonts to hunt birds.And thanks for the advise on the block and tackle jesse, ill give it a go.Good luck on the Rocky Mountain Trout boat Mike.Thats a bad ass boat. the waiting sucks, but it gives you something to obsess about. And your absolutely right Carl about having a well built boat. Im a fan of your article. I still have the STS magazine with your article siting on a coffe table. its from aug sep 2004, thats how much of A fishing nerd I am.
  17. I love your prams Carl...
  18. what was the price for that boat?
  19. Heres my Rogue, which I'll never part with... I've added starboard base for the swivel seat, raised oarlocks, diamond plate trays, reinforced Starboard transom, Thomas pocket puller on the Fish On base, Bow anchor lock with nest. Rope wrapped Cataract Mini Mags. Still can dolly her, and she'll fit in the back of the truck.

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  20. That Paul, is a one-man fishing machine. Very cool!

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