Kona: Mingo's aquarium volume 5

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  1. My wife and I spent a week in Kona over the holidays chilling and partying with a lot of beach time and lots of great meals. We spent a day tossing small baitfish patterns at some offshore FADs (fish attracting buoys) with a very cool guide named Del Dykes. Unfortunately the FADs have been pretty dead for a couple weeks but we still had a great day………….there is a lot more to a day offshore in Hawaii than tons of fish. Too many aggressive dolphin, pod after pod of pilot whales and a lot of sharks made the tuna fishing pretty tough.

    The pilot whales would line up single file when we would pass, like in military formation. Funny and kind of eery…..cool animals.

    We had a couple Galapagos sharks come into our chum line and I got to experience something very cool, albeit far too brief. Del tied one of his own patterns on my Sigler heavy rod and had me repeatedly roll cast it into the chum so it could drift with the chunks. I had a couple sniffs but no takers……then a heavy take and a couple headshakes from a 7 foot tiger shark! He came off after just a couple seconds, but I got to feel the power of that awesome animal.

    It was frustrating dealing with so many hungry whales and dophins and the resulting lack of tuna, but we stuck with it, Del kept pumping chum and I managed to get a couple sashimi-sized football yellowfin to end the day. The weather was awesome, Del was great and the beer was cold….a great day all the way around.

    Of course, I had to try the reefs at every beach we hit and had a hell of a great time catching all kinds of fish on scuds, soft hackles, glowballs, bonefish flies, beads and baitfish flies……awesome shit. Reef environments are fickle, you can hit 6 and draw a blank and then one that looks no different from the last spots you fished will hold all kinds of fish. I got into several really nice moano (manybar goatfish), some small jacks and lots of wrasse, damselfish and butterflyfish. I love seeing a trout guy catch his first nice goatfish….surprise! Those suckers will take line and put one hell of a bend in a light stick……..if you enjoy that sort of thing.

    Here are some shots for those of you who appreciate this type of report ………look closely at the shot of me working a small reef pool with the funky outrigger canoe with the sail in the distance.....notice the surfer in the upper left? The waves were up and there were surfers ripping it up at many of my spots……You gotta love Hawaii. Aloha.
  2. Amazing colors on the football yellofin. Great report Mingo.
  3. NICE FISH! That's awesome wish i could do some fishin like that! congrats!
  4. I'd like to visit Mingo's aquarium someday at feeding time!
  5. its nice to see someone from the board fishing in my home town.did u try fishing south kona? just got some sweet reports the other day. i did notice u hooked in to hawaiis state fish. humuhumunukunukuapua'a(triger fish it has that distint strip on its side).. goat fish( KUMU or WEKE) very good eats..
  6. what, no Mrs Mingo shots......
  7. Now that's a cool way to fly fish in Hawaii!

    Thanks for the report. Yes, Mrs. Mingo shots are always nice, but where's the famous "O" with a Tiger shark in the background.
    That would be money!!!

  8. Dude, you have the best hero shots and posts around, thanks for the goods...:thumb:
  9. Keep enjoyng your good "work"......................
  10. Good to know you are enjoying fishing life as usual. Too kool.
  11. Much, much better than the fishing I did on Kaui. I did hit some lizard fish but they didn't fight well, a trumpet fish, and I hooked a bone briefly. Great report and pics.

  12. As usual Mingo your vibrant shots are a nice getaway from the wet weather we're having lately...

    Thanks for the nice post!
  13. this might not be peta kosher, but next time, fish for the sharks, dolphins and whales! well, maybe not flipper and his pals, but definately jaws!
    talk to alpine trout and hook up with conway bowman for good shark techniques!

    nice trip!

  14. nice shots mingo thanks! hey who did ya fish with from the boat? headed there in October, may want to pick your brain on flies as well from the looks of things
  15. I liked seeing fish with what appears to be the classic Knudsen's Spider hanging off their lips...
  16. I wish to be Mingo in the afterlife.
  17. Great pictures my Brother !!!!
  18. great post! thanks
  19. This is basically the same thing as fishing in a koi pond. I don't get it. You could tie up a frozen pea fly and get the same number of fish.
  20. Excellent! Thanks for posting!

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