Korean Made Redington RS2 10' 8wt, ever cast one?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by USMC VET, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. USMC VET Member

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    I own the above fly rod in a 2 piece and have never used it, as a matter of fact it still has the plastic covering on all the cork handle parts.. Right after I bought it I put it in a rod/reel case and pretty much stored it...

    I really don't have the personal need to use or cast it but I would like to know if anyone has owned this rod and what they thought about it. for some reason I have kept it in New Unused condition but can't recall why I decided to put it away and save it ?? Just based on that obviously stupid move/decision maybe it is time Dad passes it on to the son

    Thanks, Ron
  2. teedub Active Member

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    If son does not have a rod yet and is more than two years - pass it on!
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  3. bigdood fishing hack

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    Let it sit unused in your closet or pass it on to your offspring who will (I assume) use it? Easy decision.
  4. chief Active Member

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    I had one of these in the 9' version and it was an OK entry level priced rod. Nothing really inspiring about the finish or the action. It is not going to become an heirloom. I'd give it to someone who will use it.
  5. USMC VET Member

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    Thanks for all the comments, It has been given to my son as a first rod .. Ron
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  6. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    I have a RS2 8wt reel. I believe that these all came out about the same time. I used the heck out of it when I fished in the winter when I lived in Washington.