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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kaiserman, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Kaiserman

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    I'm looking into getting the new KGB boots, and was wondering if anyone here has used them. They look tough as nails, and I like the high ankle support.

    I guess my only concern is the overall weight of the boot. A boot can be bomb proof, but if I'm tired after walking six miles in them, not sure they would be worth it. Our local pro shop here doesn't have them in stock to buy or try on.

    Any actual "reviews" out there?
  2. aplTyler

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  3. Kaiserman

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    Thanks Tyler.

    I wonder why folks don't like them? Can't find anything really, just that they look ugly/different...which is a silly reason not to buy something if it performs.
  4. freestoneangler

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    I'm in the market for some new WB's as well and like my old Korker's so much I'm trying to eek out every last mile I can. They are on year 8 if memory serves me and finally pulled the back of the boot away from the nylon material while at Dry Falls a couple weeks ago. Stopped by the local shoe repair to see about getting them sewed and they want $25... hmmm. These look a lot like the ones I have but with the new style soles. I'll have to check them out. If anyone has them... two interested in how you like them.
  5. Old Man

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    Maybe the price scared them off. $200 bucks for a pair of wading boots is just a little steep in my book.
  6. Kaiserman

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    Yeah well, in 15 to 20 years from now I'll think the same. In fact, I use to be there not too long ago. Right now I need something that will be half hike/combat boot and half wading boot. The KGB seems to fit that profile.
  7. speyfisher

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    I switched over to Korkers when they introduced the BOA laces and have never looked back. Currently wearing the Chromes. My concern with the KGB's, besides the fact that they do not feature the BOA laces, is that extra high ankle support may not fit under the built in gator cuffs on many of todays waders. Of course, if you're a Simms fan, no problem. They don't have built in gator cuffs. lol
  8. Kaiserman

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    That was my first concern as well. I have both Simms and Redington waders. I have been told by a few guys that they do fit just fine with the built in gravel gaurds. I like the BOA system as well, but can't get the lower section of the foot to get as tight as I like it, without "helping" it a bit by holding my hand pressed on it as I tighten the top. The top section wants to tighten up faster than the bottom. Thus, getting tighter than I want it, before the bottom gets tight.

    The KGB's supposedly have locking D rings half way up, to eliminate having to hold down the laces as you tighten the upper part. Not sure how this all works out.... thus me asking about what folks think of them. Maybe they haven't been out there long enough to get any feedback, cause I'm not hearing too much so far. :)
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    When tightening the BOA laces, flex your foot up & down between tightening sequences. That will even out the tension on the laces.
  10. Eric Denny

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    I have the high jacker's and love them had the mudder ducker's and didn't care for them. I was talking to the guy at the local fly shop about these as I want boots and he said I should go with the 169$ which I think is the medal head's but am not sure. He said in less you are doing some rock kicking or a lot of hiking that these would be your best bet and that the are $50 cheaper. Now as this came from a shop guy I would have thought he would have tried to sell me the ones that ran more. Knowing that he didn't makes me think that those are the one's I will get. Also if you are in spokane the sporting good outlet store at the mail that is going out of business has some cleats sole's for them if you are looking to get a extra pair for half price, just a fyi.
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  11. Kaiserman

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    The Metalheads were the ones I was interested in as well, however I do a lot of hiking/climbing to get to most of the places I go. That's why I'm leaning towards the KGB's, for the extra ankle support.

    For basic wade fishing (if you can call it that), I hear great things about the Metalheads too.

    I just want a boot that I can stomp on a rattlesnake, kick a bear in the nuts, do a roundhouse on a mountain lion, and front snap kick a wolf... all without twisting my ankle.
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  12. Eric Denny

    Eric Denny It's summer time I'm fishing!!

    Then it sounds like the kgb is what you need dave.lol though i dont know how fast you will be able to run in them after you kick the beat in the nuts. But please let me know.
  13. Kaiserman

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    I'm hoping he'll feel like I do when I get kicked there, lying all curled up in a ball. If not, well... you won't be hearing back from me, thus concluding how it went. :p
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  14. I'm pretty sure the preferred mountain lion sparring maneuver is the crane kick.
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    Whoa! I did not know that. Thanks for the heads up. :eek: