FS Korkers Fisherman's Mocs, size 8

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Itchy Dog, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. bullettime.jpg

    who throws a shoe? lord stop me now...
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  2. For some reason Itchy Dogs classified posts always turn into the most awesome classified ads on the site.

    Well done Boot!
  3. That's because Itchy Dog is so full of awesomeness. That and he has a great sense of humor:0.
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  4. I'd pay a little more if you threw in those cool shades...
  5. these shades?

    Mr. Smith optics....

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  6. The best thing about this 3 Ring Circus is that I've forgotten how disappointed I am about the shoes.
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  7. If you signed them I bet they'd go for more. I'm not taking sharpie, but more like a glue gun and glitter .... the sort of bling you'd need a trip to Michae'ls to just even get on the vajazzled radar...
  8. You both impress, and frighten, me Boot. Mostly impress. And I'm threatened by your Photoshop skills.
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  9. Measured my garden gnome, he wears an 8 1/2.
  10. Wow! That's below the belt...which in Itchy's case is about a foot off the ground.
  11. I'll trade you half a spool of 6x, 3 Rainiers, and a pair of heel lifts for the moccasins. Meet FTF in the land of Oz.
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  12. are mocs still available? my cell 206 4238806 Larry
  13. Hey, stop trying to get this thread back on track! :)
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  14. Is there a thread hall of fame here?
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  15. While you are getting off-track with your line of questioning, Larry, the answer is yes. But now you need to ask yourself another question: do you want to publicly admit that you have smaller feet than me?
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  16. Contraryto popular belief, their is an inverse ratio of shoe to other body parts. Small men are not determined by their shoe size,only their minds.
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  17. The Chronic Angler might be Oscar Pistorius looking for some court cover-me-ups...
  18. In your mind do you feel these will fit your feet?
  19. My daughter might be interested.
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