KSWR: Rufus Woods 11-23-07

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Evan Burck, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Not sure if this is 100% a stillwater related thread since it's technically part of the columbia river, but it was stillwater fishing nonetheless.

    Took my first Rufus Woods trip in 7yrs, and I can say it was some of the funnest fishing I've had since my return to Washington in April. Started at daylight in >20 degree weather; line, guides, and reel freezing. Fished with my bait/gear chucking cousin. I had 12 fish to hand in 3hrs of fishing (spent a good amount of time enjoying myself on the bank warming by the fire). SMALLEST fish was 17" and FAT.

    Caught my largest fish of the day on my first cast, being the first fish caught on my shiney new Scott S3 6wt :). Took over 10mins to land, so he is on his way to the smoker now due to not surviving the battle. All of the fish put on one hell of a show. Thrashing, cartwheeling, going airborn, pulling large amounts of line, pushing the limits of the flex on my 6wt, and one even smoking my cheap-o Ross Flystart reel. Had to spend the rest of the day retreiving fish by hand because the drag system is now gone.

    Caught the majority of my fish on a white woolley bugger cast in towards the shore on a sinking line with a slooooow retrieve to let it drop along the shoal.

    Fish in the first pic was the last fish of the day, and 1 of the 2 that i kept. Funny look on my face is from me trying to explain to my technologically impaired redneck cousin how to take a picture :rofl: next two pics are some other fish i snapped shots of before unbuttoning them, and lastly, the obligatory action shot we got someone else we met while fishing there to take
  2. Nice Evan.
    Did you put in at Chief Joseph? How far from the boat launch did you go?
  3. this was about 6mi up from the dam. no boat launch was used... found a spot with a picnic table and a fire pit. just kicked around there while my cousin plunked his bait.
  4. Yowza. Sounds like you got into some very nice fish. I imagine that they are deeper in the summer, but it makes perfect sense that they are cruising the shore in the fall, winter, and spring. May have to add this one to my list of places to explore.....

  5. Nice report and it looks like you had a heck of a day even in the cold. Congrats. I need a fishing fix!
  6. Good to see ya wearing out your equipment on those football trout.
  7. haha, it was bound to happen with that reel eventually anyway.
  8. Nice fish bud!!
  9. Dude, you are making me rethink selling the 'toon. NICE FAT fish!!:thumb:
  10. I might head up to rufus this weekend for firs time. If i just drive up there should it be pretty easy to find a good spot to park and float around for a while. Hopefully i can borrow a map from someone for weekend.
  11. i'm heading over to fish there on sunday with some friends. make sure if you go there to stay along the south banks. you need a tribal fishing permit to fish the other side
  12. Evan,

    Can you put in at the state park and then just fish around their launch without a tribal permit?
  13. We are goin too.We fish by the net pens.Its euphoric.Where do you guys go,and what state park.We go below Coulee, and then its about a 8mi. boat down river.
  14. Right above Chief Joe dam, on the tribe side, there is a state park with campground and a boat ramp.

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