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    I have not seen every English Lab out there, however the ones that I have seen were on the smaller side in comparison to their American cousins. Yet again, there are too many factors that go into that equation. To me, they do have more of a calmer disposition at any age. However I have alway felt that most dogs will take on the mind set of the owners. This will be our family/fishing/boat dog. Hunting will not be in the picture. Hell, the last time I hunted was when the sugar beets left Eastern Washington. Now that will date me pretty quick. The last family of English's I was around, and there were 7 of them, were all mellow beyond belief.

    Still on the hunt, so to speak, for a good breeder. The one I was hoping to use won't have any available for a couple years now... :beathead:
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    Yakima, don't limit your search to local breeders if you want something specific. My bro recently bought a puppy from Colorado. He flew the puppy from Denver to Seattle. The pup was fine after the trip and he's got a better puppy than what was available locally at that time.

    Here's a good English lab breeder

    One thing I'll say about mellow dogs. There is usually a trade off. You usually don't both a mellow personality and a lot of working drive in the same dog. I'd rather work with a dog with a lot of "go" than a mellow or easy going dog. I haven't met any English lab from FTCH parents that I'd call "mellow." Easy to work with, charming and eager to please- absolutely.
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    I hear ya!!! :thumb:
    Good luck in yer search...

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    Whispering Hills Labradors out of Scottsmills OR:

    Couldn't be happier w/ my dog. I agree w/ Itchy's story about sex and feel the same applies to color as well. Good luck.
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    Looking forward to field training Axle. At four months he's already a solid fishing buddy, having no hesitation with the frequent river crossings and he stays in close. Until he starts formal training I do have to keep an ever watchful eye on him in case his attention gets turned, by another animal or whatever.

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    I got my male 3 years ago from Black Forest kennels out of Texas/Colorado, he got his first AKC title this year and his NAHRA title last year, Just picked up the female pup from Wind River Labs 2 weeks ago. Both are great dogs with excellent temperments. I would first and foremost make sure you check that the dog has its hips/eyes/CNM clearances as well as a guarantee.[IMG]

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    My lab was a rescue. He is seven now and still acts two. I only wish I had his energy.
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    Arlington Kennels between Sunnyside and Grandview. My stud dog is out of "FC Rebel with a Cause". My dog's name is Cornerstone's Burnin' Blaze, (Teal) came out of Texas $1250 by time I paid shipping costs. Lots of Teals pups point naturally as he does but I did nothing to help since I use him basically as a retriever. They will start pointing on their own especially if you hunt a lot of quail since the hold tight. I hunt English setters and keep Teal close, both from foot and horseback, mostly chukars.

    I have one yellow lab pup now, a pick of the litter stud fee puppy, about four months old. I have several English setter pups.

    You can see my dogs and some pictures at:

    Jerry Arlington
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    Hi Jerry, I checked your males information on the OFA website and I couldn't find that he's had any health clearances done. Do you do health clearances on your breeding stock? If not, why not?

    It's way too risky of a gamble to forgo hip, eye, elbow, EIC, CNM test in my opinion.
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    Ratings: +0 / 0 labs are nine years old. He and she can follow me around from horseback in chukar country day in and day out, stand flat footed and jump into a jacked up four wheel drive pickup. I don't need someone reading an x-ray to tell me he has sound hips.

    You can take two dogs that have excellent hip x-rays and have bad hips on the pups that they produce.

    I give written guarantees on all the dogs I sell, labs or English setters. I have replaced one dog in over thirty years of breeding.