(lack of) South Sound SRC report.

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Brian James, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Nothing to report.

    3 days. 3 different south sound beaches. Nothing.

    Please tell me someone is nailing 'em somewhere?
  2. ....not me, however I have morely been playing around with my switch rod and learning to cast it. As far as success goes, I would say that Ive failed so far with casting and catching. :clown:
  3. nada on the SRC's, fished 4 beaches in the SS last weekend and only got into a few nicer sized resident silvers. Glad to know Im not the only one that hasnt caught much this week. But really with all of the sun it makes the fish more wary and I usually dont do well when its really sunny out.
  4. Yep. The sun has just been killin' me too. It's beautiful, and I'm glad to have a little color and some vitamin-d production going on, and happy for all the sights I've seen - but bring the gray grim cloudy moody sound with just a wee bit o chop to quarter off my shoulder while I pay out a bit more anchor line and chuck some casts to fish that are feelin' like things are allllright. my 2 bits
  5. I know where they are...
    But there is 3 more weeks of steelhead fishing!
  6. Damn, Ive been at them stelhead every weekend from mid Dec.....not one missed with quite a few weekdays thrown in and a week in Forks, time for a change of pace....until June 1st summer runs. :thumb:
  7. Sun really makes things tough out there.
    My friend Greg Cloud recently gave me a little lesson on rigging up a sinking line and dropping down to those sun-shy cutts. I've fished Puget Sound sea-runs like a maniac for 14 years, and just NOW I'm learning about flinging that sinker into the sound. Sigh.
    There is always something new to learn, some new place to explore and some new flies to tie for sea-runs. It's never boring!
  8. Got one today in Henderson Bay, small and skinny. half hour later I broke my rod in half. There was a thread a while back asking about Cabellas LST rods, I will be on my third one tomarrow...
  9. Sounds like time for a new rod... Cutthroat have been tough for me as well, picked up one a last week, just a bunch of coho and a chinook for this week though. Fished a local pond for cutthroat as well and some of the fish were pretty colored up still. So there are still probably a lot of fish up in the creeks taking care of business right now.
  10. were you fishing from a boat when you caught the black mouth??? never caught one off teh beach. yeah, might have to swing into the shop and take a look at some of your echo stuff. if this one breaks im over it and getting my money back.
  11. found a healthy pod of coho at the head of a small bay yesterday
    they were stacked right next to two creek mouths
    not happy jumpers but they showed themselves
    they were tight lipped but a few to hand
    caught one on the cone head squid from the coho / b mouth swap
    almost made it thru the whole swap box
    high tide at sunset tonight... money
  12. I'd be surprised if you haven't caught one off the beach aquaholic. It's real hard to tell when they're small, which is typically when they're running close to the beach, the easiest way is to see if they have any spots on the tail below the lateral line... if it does, it's a blackmouth. Can't wait to get back out this weekend!!! :D
  13. Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one in this boat.

    The weekend looks greaaaat with perfect tides and semi-shitty/yet perfect fishing weather to keep the sun bathers out of my back cast.
  14. +1

    The evening tides have looked great all week for the area I fish. I'll be out tomorrow evening.
  15. nice 18 inch coho at sunset last night
    took an unweighted sparse creamsicle
    there is nice fish out there fellas

  16. Sinking lines are tough from the beach, but a must have from boats. Like Chester, I have a sensei on SRC fishing. Mel Hurd recommended full sinking lines at the first SRC class I went to, better than 10 years ago. Ironically Mel and McCloud fished this way together since like 30 years ago, but I didn't listen, cause all the guys were using intermediate lines,and hooking some fish.. Five years after my class, enjoying moderate success, I finally started using sinking lines, and now, I use sinkers 90% of the time, except a floater for poppers when I need a cheap thrill. Tuesday we hit one on the surface, and 20+ dredging the abyss.

    Keep in mind that sink rates are predicated on fresh, still water, so are more buoyant in the salt. My go to is now the type 8 Outbound, seconded by the Deep 7 that Roger uses. If you're not getting barnacle nicks on your line, you're cheating yourself.

    Take a look at the bottom of the tail fin on the next big cutts you catch, looking for wear, and connect the dots.
  17. Looks like it might be a bit windy (at least up North here) but I am going to try and get out all the same.
  18. Interesting Jim, Ill give a look next time I land something small. Funny, how often I put those fish back wo any thought to what they might be. I guess Im always after the "Big one..."

    Dizane: if you fish around tacoma gig harbor and are catching fish on the high tide im jellous of your beach knowladge.

    ps. nothing on the eastern shores of the narrows this evening.
  19. LOL, I'm lookin' for tail spots, making sure there aren't any, when I land that coho of the day that has some shoulders to it and no adipose - bonk! I enjoy seeing the tail spots and goin' "ehhh! baby chinook! awesome" before turning the hook and watching 'em swim off.
  20. No secret knowledge, just waterfront property and a small boat which allows me access when the water is up.:)

    I liked the evening tides this week because we were seeing a flood to ebb change about an hour or two from darkness. This combination usually results in good fishing for me. Activity seems to build during the evening flood, sometimes tapers off during slack, sometimes doesn't, and then usually explodes once the ebb current kicks in as light is fading.

    That said, it didn't pay off for me tonight. Saw one mid/upper teens incher jump twice hauling ass for who knows where. Other than that, nothing at all. Tough to catch when they ain't there. Fish have tails.:)

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