(lack of) South Sound SRC report.

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    From day-to-day fly fishing on Puget Sound is often everchanging due to tides and weather conditions. It helps make this fisheries challenging at times or provides surprises.

    Yesterday was one of those surprise fishing days. I was trying to zero in on some good resident coho spots for a fly fishing outing with my son and grandson over the Easter Day weekend. The surprise was that I landed quite a few nice sized sea-run cutthroat at two of the good resident coho spots. The largest fish was a measured 20 1/2 in. The pattern of choice was a 3 1/2 in. sequin tube clouser minnow(olive/white). These sea-run cutthroat were many miles away from the nearest estuary and looked well past post-spawn.

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    Freedon --
    Mel Hurd and Greg Cloud are extraordinary anglers.... Decades of knowledge!
    I figure I'm going to wear out my sinker before fall -- and that is a good thing.
    This year is shaping up to be pretty epic, I think. Lots of bait on the beaches, and the fish look in really great shape.