Lake Almanor (ca) Hex Hatch

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Entomology' started by freestoneangler, Mar 30, 2012.

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    Anyone on the forum ever fish this hatch? I may be visiting some folks in northern CA late June and thinking about trying it out. There's a good article in the current issue of NWFF and my trip dates are about right. Big bugs...sounds fun even though according to the article the top water part of the action is very fleeting.
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    Have not done lake Almanor, I have fished the hex hatch on the Fall River a great spring creek in Nor cal. (fall river/burney area). It starts late June and can run through July. It's a sight to see and a ton of fun. The Fall river is not that far from Lake Almanor. There are many great fishing areas around this area as well, Pit river, Hat Creek, Burney Creek, and a few others that are very worth exploring.
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    Thanks for the reply. The biggest mayfly's I tie and fish are extended body Green Drake (center rear bin). My most memorable moment fishing them was on the Bitterroot in a back eddy slough where a very nice brown made one of those slow motion rises up from its lair and inhaled it. I can still rewind and replay the scene in my of the good Lords many gifts to us subscriptions are required.
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    I have fished the Hex hatch on Almanor. I have not read the mentioned article but the gage I use is two weeks before the Fourth of July till two weeks after, that is just a window and the hatch can go later in July. You will need some sort of a floating device, a float tube will work but a pontoon would be better. We usually start about 6:00PM with the hex nymph on a sinking line and then switch to a dry about an hour or so before sunset. The nice thing about Almanor is you can fish all night if you so desire, whereas on Fall River you are done at sunset.
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    I can back up Fishingcheftim. I have not fished Almanor, but have fished Falll River quite a bit. It is so intense, so much fun when you are in the middle of the Hex hatch. Problem is, like everywhere else that supports the Hex, it starts minutes before dark and is over in about 45 minutes. But it can be 45 minutes of adrenaline pumping mayhem. It takes a bit of a learning curve, like anything else, but it is worth it. There are some big, nasty rainbows in that spring creek that go nuts for those big Mayflies. Now you got me going, I think I see a 4th of July trip to Redding (my hometown) in my summertime future.
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    The only hex hatch I've experienced is on the upper Columbia near northport. Mayflies the size of small birds. The fish go nuts, and fishermen have been known to do the same. I try to time it right each year,but if I miss my window the caddis usually keep me occupied.
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    Well, if the trip happens, I'm definitely going to try and add this to my list of waters fished.