Lake Britton?

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    I'm planning a trip to Lake Britton, CA, and doing a hike along the Pit River. Anyone had any personal experience fly fishing Britton and/or the Pit River? I heard the Smallmouth fishing in Britton is good, and also Crappie. Any recommended flies? Thanks for any help, Kaden.
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    Lake britton has the bridge from "Stand by me" so that's pretty sweet. One August morning I saw a bunch of trout rising for mayflies along the shore. I never wet a line there though.

    However, I have done the Pit, and I'll be heading there in a week. If you don't bring a wading staff you're an idiot. There is a lot of good access to pit 3. If you are coming from Burney, I wouldn't even bother with 4 and 5 because you'll just be driving past good water with good access.

    I didn't have a whole lot of success, but 110° august weather isn't ideal. You're going to want heavily weighted flies or a bunch split shot. And bring A LOT of flies. I lost 4 flies in my first two drifts when I was there.
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