Lake (Chironomid) Fly Swap, with a slight twist

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Nick Riggs, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. I wanted to do a small swap, 5-6 people + me, where everybody ties three patterns - a bloodworm, a chironomid pupa, and an adult chironomid. That way at the end of the swap everybody'll have a full set of chironomids from larva to pupa to adult from each tier, which I thought would be kind of neat because you'd be able to see how the same stages of the same bug would be differently represented from tier to tier.

    Swap Closed

    1. Nick Riggs
    2. Hogwrangler
    3. Zach M
    4. Wayne Kohan - Flies Received
    5. Nagasaurus - Flies Recieved

    Deadline: April 15th-ish (but totally flexible at this point)
    Don't be shy now.:thumb:
  2. Be Smat! I'm in Bro.
  3. i think i will get in on this. i will do a v-rib bloodworm, a griffiths gnat, and i will figure out a pupa. Chronos are one of my favorites to tie
  4. Alright, 70 views and only two takers? WTF. I think some people should grow a pair, and sign up for the swap.:clown:
  5. "tying Flies is easier naked"

    I'm not sure I want any of Zach's flies. The visual in my mind gives me the willies....

    But put me in on it, I will come up with something for it.

  6. If you don't mind having a first time swapper take part I'm in for this one. I'll be going with a Lady McConnell for the adult pattern.
  7. Just threw down the shiz and polished off my last swaps, why not one more.
  8. That's the spirit! Flies due April 15th, that's plenty of time so I expect QUALITY out of everyone!
  9. You mean I can't slack off on this one!?
  10. damnit i already tied my half assed flies while watching tv so you mean i actually need to watch what im doing when i tie now?
  11. Yes.:ray1:
  12. So, do I have to be sober as I tie them???????

  13. I'm done. I will be sending out by the end of the week. I have tied a superfloss bloodworm by Brian Chan, a Chromie by Philip Rowley, and the Midge-X by Scott Sanchez. I will be trying out some of my extras this Friday at Lenice or Nunally.....

  14. Wayne, I got your flies today, they are awesome!
  15. Status reports requested! How's everyone doing?
  16. im just finishing up my pupas. finished my bloo worms and will starting my dries
  17. I'm down to the last three of the adult pattern and then they'll be in the mail Monday or Tuesday.

    EDIT: Dropped them in the mail the morning of 4/1 at the downtown Seattle post office so they should arrive soon.
  18. Got the flies yesterday, excellent ties! This is going to be a great swap!
  19. Seanengman had to drop out so we are looking for one more tier. Any takers?
  20. Alright guys, it doesn't look like we're going to get that final spot filled. So, if you've already tied an extra set and sent them in, I'll just mail you back the extra set with the rest of the flies. Sound good?

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