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  1. Did anyone make it up to Chopaka since it opened and how is it fishing?

  2. Great, Got Rain, 3 inches of snow, wind, and sun. I was there all week. May fly hatch already started and was coming off at 12:30 to about 2:30. Fished Chronies in late morning, switched to mayfly nymph under indicator, and leaches in evenings. Nothing over 20, but all really fat. was catching 20 to 25 during the days and another 10 or 15 at night. Went to Blue down the valley. Fishing was good there to. Chrony fished there with a buddy we caught 30 or 40 that day. All were 12 to 16 inches.

  3. Didn't they kill this lake off a couple years ago? Also, How long a drive is it out there from Seattle?

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  4. Yes Chopaka was treated with rotenone to kill off a growing population of smallmouth bass (almost certainly planted by some of the local bucket biologists) a couple of years ago. It's a long drive, count on somewhere around six hours depending on which way you go (Snoqualmie-Blewett. Stevens, or North Cascades). Just outside of Loomis you are confronted with the Chopaka Grade, over a mile of steep, narrow, washboard road with a long drop on the outside which some find rather deterring. After that it's a typical rough mountain road for another 5-6 miles to the lake.
  5. So, long story short. . .This is not a good lake for someone who drives a lowered VW Rabbit Pickup? Sounds like a nice spot though!
  6. You would actually be fine in a VW - the road is steep, but it is just not as bad as many would have you believe. I drove up there years ago in a Toyota Tercel - no problem!
  7. Nice, maybe I'll check it out then this summer some time. Are there more productive times during the summer than others for this lake? I'd like to time it right for a nice hatch and get some good topwater action. I'm still pretty green and mostly use leech patterns still.
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  9. Woops, having some problems
  10. I took a geo metro up there, granted the brakes went out on the way down, but I also had it over loaded.
  11. well shit. Sounds like my little truck even as low as it is should be fine:)
  12. Yeah should not be a problem. Saw a gal take a rental toyota corrola up it no problem last october.
  13. sorry to the original poster. I seemed to have hijacked your thread. Lets talk about any recent reports from this lake.
  14. Rental cars seem to be able to go anywhere...
  15. Don't mean to hijack this thread but what is the camping like there? Is it just a big open parking lot/field? Are there designated locations with fire rings and tables? Or is it pretty much wherever you pitch your tent?
  16. David, You plan on taking me fishing there. :D

  17. There's both. There is a fence that essentially bisects the lake shore. On one side are campsites w/ tables and fireplaces (some may even have pads) and on the other it's just grass. Although there aren't designated campsites, it's pretty clear where people have camped. Chopaka sits in a valley so most of the land around the lake is sloped. So despite a lot of open space near the lake, the good camping can be somewhat limited if you're there when it's busy. It's beautiful, but the weather changes fast and can get nasty real quick. It can get so windy that it's unfishable...but then that's most of Eastern Wa:)
  18. There are established campsites on both the north and south sides of the line fence. The southern side is WDFW land and has a number of sites, a couple with shelters. The north side is DNR land and three or four years ago that agency improved the access road and established eleven new campsites on short spurs off the main road; they are level, gravelled, and have fire pits.

    The ground does slope uphill from the lake and, except for the established campsites, level spots are rather hard to find. It's typical subalpine terrain, grass and sagebrush giving way to ponderosa pine and juniper further up the slope. The Memorial Day weekend is a good one to avoid since the Washington Fly Fishing Club has its annual outing then and things can become rather crowded
  19. Here's a picture from a little way up the slope viewing the WDFW area. Both shelters are shown, water pump on the right and outhouses in the background.
  20. Thanks guys for the info and the picture...and for the PMs too.

    Kieth you are always welcome on my trips.

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