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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Cole15, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. Is lake crescent open right now and if it is, is it worth fishing?
  2. Great question, I do not know (regs are in my truck and I'm too lazy to get them) but I wonder about that monster of a huge lake. How the hell does one fish a lake that large. I'm thinking my float tube will just be so inadequate.
  3. you'll have to check the national park regs You can check them online but I think its probably closed right now its is worth fishing try to find a creek inlet for example barnes creek fish near the mouth of any creeks it is a huge lake with huge trout havent caught anything bigger than 2lb myself but hear of guys catching 4-5 lbs
  4. I don't think it's open, but there's 2 unique species that you can catch there. The Beardslee Trout (Rainbow variation) and the Crecenti cutthroat. They generally stay very deep and not really worth fishing for, but in the fall they come up to the shallows and up the various tributaries of the lake to spawn. That's when they're easiest to catch... so I hear. I've never caught either of them.
  5. If you're talking about the huge one on the OP, it's closed. Open June 1st - Oct. 31st Catch and Release all species.
  6. I have too much paper in the house as it is.

    The regs are available as a .pdf, at

    ... and it makes SEARCHING for a lake easy as pie.

    - M.
  7. ya i fish it in the summer all the time but i wasnt sure if it was open in the winter.
  8. Why is it no one has a copy of the regs???????????????????? I have one at home and one in my truck. Are you just lazy or what?????????? I have discussed this many times with a fellow member of this forum and it doesnt make any sence to me. Do you even have a license? :mad:
  9. Some people don't carry the regs around. I don't but its because I know where to look online. A lot of people forget that the regs are online and an easy click away but they know that this site is quick to get to and post a thread so they come here.
  10. haha ya i have a license and sorry im pretty new to the forums and didnt know you and someone discuss this all the time
  11. Cole15, it has nothing to do with the forums. Just saying you should have a copy of the reg's. Thats all.
  12. o gotcha haha
  13. Both Crescent and Sutherland lakes are pretty much trolling operations using deep running plugs and spoons. The Crescenti cutthroat are true coastal cutthroats that do not migrate to the sea but did at one time. The largest on record is a 9-pounder. Pull up Crescenti trout on Google. There is good information available.
    Les Johnson
  14. I have a friend who trolls flies with an outrigger. That would work on the Crescent Lake.

  15. i like to carry a set of the game regs with me at all time when im fishing and i study them before i go so i know fo sho that i dont do anything wrong
  16. I always carry a set of regs with my gear. However, because of emergency closures, etc., I always check online when planning a trip. The online regs have all the corrections and emergency closures.

  17. You want to be on the water by the crack of dawn. I'm told. The fish are up shallower then. Downriggers are illegal. That's how they used to fish for them there, but not any more. Maximum allowable weight for fishing Lake Crescent is 2 oz.
  18. I've had pretty good luck on Crescent. Just using my float tube or pontoon. Not all the fish are out of reach with an intermediate line plulling a wb. My best productive times have been in the evenings. It's a beautiful lake to fish. :thumb:
  19. I do not have a copy of the regs because other people have copies in their truck, car, vest, tackle box, garage, shitter as well as stapled to the headboard so they can "find out if there is a non-bouyant lure restriction on the Sky" while they are spending quality time with the missus :rofl:. Every time I've asked for a copy at the counter of -> insert license distributor here <-, the respone has been "We're all out of them". :beathead:

    Guys, take one copy of the regs and photo copy them. I haven't had a paper copy of the regs since 1999.:)
  20. we always take two copies of the regs, one for in the car or truck and one for around the house. i usually only use the .pdf

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