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    I've got a short report from Lake Crescent. Jim Speaker's trip this spring had me wanting to pay the lake a visit. This was my first time fishing there for more than a couple hours. Three of us fished Friday and Saturday. Weather was about perfect, with some rain but just a breeze to riffle the surface.

    Our camp was on the east end of the lake at Log Cabin Resort, inside the park. We tent camped, but there are a variety of cabins available, along with a boat launch and docks. We beached our boats near the campsite. East Beach is near the head of the Lyre River. There are a several small creeks that come into the big lake in this area, including one that runs adjacent to the campground. The main lodge/campground has a restaurant and store. The campgrounds are far from private, but that worked for us, as we were in the boats all day.

    This was my first trip in my new craigslist find. A 12' lund. It was nice to cruise and fish from.

    In our two days of fishing, we cast and stripped streamers to shore, dry fly fished and stripped wet flies in the shallows. I had some success trolling and casting streamers, landed one fish on a dry fly take, but by far the best fishing came in the shallows, fishing a small little pattern that I don't know the name of. I also no longer have any of the flies.
    Tail and hackle were yellow pheasant hackle, body was peacock with copper rib. Sweet little wet fly. Maybe I got it in a swap. I will be tying many more of these! My last fly was just some hackle fuzz when I finished the fishing Saturday.

    My most productive part of the lake was the east end. I found schools of small kokanee and bugs. We all had a great time catching and releasing these wild beardslee and crescent trout! Here are a few cell phone photos of the trip.
    IMG_20140628_173915_168.jpg IMG954950.jpg IMG_4876.jpg
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    awesome the clearness of that lake.
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    Excellent report. I think you have way to many boats. :)
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    Mark. I think that boat earned back the $550 I paid for it in that one weekend! I had so much fun and I think I enjoy running around in small boats as much as I do my 18' boat. That's about as close as I can come to feeling like a kid again! Running around the lake/bay in a boat - FREEDOM to explore and catch fish.

    Last summer I found a Nissan 9.8 2-stroke for $200. I had to buy the lund :)

    Whenever you would like to borrow it, just let me know. I'll have it ready for you.
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    I've really been wantin' to fish Crescent. It's not all that far from me.
    How is the launch? I want to take my 17' Triumph up there sometime (being an open design tiller-steer it's not as big a boat as some 17s!)
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    Storm king launch, just east of Barnes Creek can handle your boat. The launch on East Beach @ Log Cabin Resort is also pretty good and enough room to maneuver your boat and truck.

    Easy run from Silverdale! About 2 hours drive I bet.

    Oh, a guy landed an 8 pound Beardslee on opening day on a flatfish behind 2oz lead in. 50' of water.
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    You really should be watching where you are going... just saying ;). I've only fished that lake one time when we first moved to WA. I watched a guy from my float tube hammering fish and could not bring myself to ask what he was using. I'm sure glad I've outgrown that foolish pride. Have fun with the new boat; Lund's are great.
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