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  1. im heading over to england in late june
    will be on the kennit avon canal system
    and then a cabin on a lake in the lake district

    super confused about regulations
    seems like every zone has a different club to talk to

    bringing a 4 wt and or...

    will be on the coast for a bit
    saltwater would be fun

    any ideas or suggestions?
  2. Fishing is the UK is not difficult. Follow these steps and you will be in good shape.

    First you need a fishing license. You can get on online or at any post office. Here is the internet link.

    Next you need a “day ticket” to fish your specified water. You may already have one or have access to one since you are staying at a cabin on a lake. It may be included. You need to ask. If a day ticket isn’t included or you want to fish a different water ask the person renting the cabin where you can get one. Any local fishing shop will sell day tickets to certain stretches of water or lakes.

    Another option, if you know where you are going, the town and such, go to this web site:

    and post your question in the general fly fishing forum.

  3. Lovely area really. My buddy and I spent a rest day in Warwick back in '93. We were on a two week motorcycle tour of Britain. The only fish I saw was the cod next to the fries on the lunch plate...:clown:

    Good Luck, enjoy...:thumb:

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