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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Kaiserman, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. Well, I'm the original poster, and I say "POST ON"! No need to apologize! I think every thread worth it's weight, gets "hi-jacked". Lots of good info here. :)

    Just for the record, I catch most all of my big fish on bigger flies. However, I have caught some on size 14 or 16, but that's only because I was lucky.

    I just don't spend that much time on lakes, but this year I'm going to try and dial them in - thus the thread post.
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  2. Well, I think I'll just disagree with you here. Yes I am implying that salmonoids have imprinted memories of prey species. Call me preposterous. Have you ever fished Rocky Ford? Your ability to watch fish absolutely refuse your offerings not because of pattern but because of "imprinting/aversion therapy" teaches you that fish do remember.

  3. Yeah I was thinking about it but got stuck right after thinking my nephew who works at a steel forge shop could forge me a 6 to 8 foot barbless hook, pound it, grind it, and shape it to what I would need. The problems came with dressing it to look like a whale. I had that figured out with my mothers red and black window drapes and big round mirrors for eyes, then thought, OH WAIT - HOW WOULD I RELEASE IT???

    If you agree to reach in it's mouth to get the hook out I'm game!!! :eek: :D:p
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  4. I guess I must be catching lunkhead trout, because on more than one occasion I've hooked and released fish that still had my previous fly they broke off my tippet.

    Now, I'll grant you fish may get damn skittish in a place that's heavily fished like Rocky Ford...but I think it's highly unlikely that they're becoming averse to specific patterns. It's more likely they've become averse to crappy water-flogging presentations.

    Nonetheless, I'm going to have to try this 'vertical flyfishing', but I'm just glad my old man never lived to see the day when his son started flyfishing with a bobber...he'd have found it every bit as disgusting as hunting with the aid of a quad.
  5. Lots to learn here on this forum! Here are a couple of other books that have a lot of good information:
    1. Flyfishing the Mountain Lakes by Gary Lafontaine, a great book with some different techniques in it....has anyone here fished a floss line?
    2. The Gilly (a flyfishers guide to BC) Alf Davy Lots of good information with chapters by a lot of bc's best on different topic and bugs.
    3. Kamloops Steve Raymond BC specific, but lots of good information about stillwater fishing
    4. How to Fish from Top to Bottom, Sid Gordon, An old book, not stillwater specific, but has lots of good information about water chemistry, clarity, weeds.

    From what I hear, the best stillwater flyfishermen are from England. Does anyone here know of books form there?
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  8. The book many of us consider the "Bible of stillwaters" is Phil Rowley's "Fly Patterns for Stillwaters" Unless I missed mention of this book in previous posts, can't believe nobody mentioned this one. This is a must read (own) for any stillwater fly fisher! Check it out!
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  9. If everything else fail just attach yourself to a guy like Steve K. apply all the info he may give you then your success rate goes up 100% there are many flyfisherman on this forum need to just hook up fish with them sometimes just offering to provide transportation, refreshment or a seat on boat just may get to fish someone secret spot, ( Please take note I will bring Crown & Beer for any secret spot that has fish you take me to);)
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  10. Rowley & Chan just released the first of 3 chironomid dvd's called Conquering Chironomids.The first one is all about indicator presentations.
    I've seen it & highly recommend it if your trying to start out with chironomids.
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  11. Did you buy it?
  12. Got it as a Xmas gift. Watched it 3-4 times then sold it.
    Great DVD for beginners or those who are having difficulties.

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