Lake fishing in the HWY 2 Cooridor?

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  1. Hey I was curious if anyone can suggest a lake that you might be able to wade out a little or have a tiny bit of room for a backcast in the HWY 2 cooridor between Sultan and Stevens Pass. Day hike mileage somewhere between 3 to 10 miles round trip for this trip. Preferably a day hike, since my next fishing and backpacking trip won't be until I hike Snoqualmie to Stevens on the PCT in 2 weeks. Any suggestions on a good lake with a decent chance of catching a few small to decent size fish and any fly suggestions. Thanks!
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    Choose a lake, strap on yer boots, grab fly rod and go. As for flies, everything that works for trout in lakes down here, works up there.
  3. I'm fairly new to lake fishing with a fly rod and am fairly new to the hwy 2 corridor. I was mainly looking for a good lake that someone has experience with and could suggest.

    I recently moved back to washington a couple years ago after 5 yrs in the marine corp. All my fly gear got stolen while I was stationed in yuma, az and I just recently replaced it all and started relearning and recollecting flies and gear. My background on my hiking is that I hike all the time from 10 to 20 mile days and with adding my basic fishing gear to my pack load I carry an 8.5lb base weight before water and food for 3 season hiking. So far this year alone I've logged 116 miles hiking and backpacking. I just want to add fishing to more of my trips this year, since I'm always crossing lakes.
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    Big thanks for your service and welcome home!
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  5. You might want to try lake Janus and valhalla.Smithbrook road off highway 2 few miles from stevens pass ski area east side.
  6. the outlet area of lake dorothy is pretty good. its shallow and lots of logs to walk on. take miller river road off of 2 and drive up to the trailhead. its about a mile and a half hike in.

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