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  1. I've got a hankering to fish the basin lakes... first chance this season. Anyone been out that is willing to shoot me a PM and offer suggestions would be appreciated...heading out tomorrow morning.
  2. Which lakes do you have in mind?
  3. Anything within an our or so of Moses Lake. Also one with easy access for the pontoon... my cart got "borrowed" so treks into Lenice and the like are a pain. Coy's report on Grimes has me thinking... been some time since I've been there.

    Thanks for the PM Bill... I didn't quite catch the name of the gal that answered the phone for the number you gave me, thick accent, a little hoarse, but pretty sure she said Peggy :D
  4. Arrived at Windmill Lake at about 10:45 Friday, took the wrong turn somewhere off Dodson Rd. and saw part of Moses Lake area I'd not seen before. The wind was moderate when I arrived but, as if someone flipped a switch once I got on the water, it started to increase quickly. Looking off into the distance, a wall of brown terrafirma was heading my way. Kittitas County being re-located to Grant County... one would think they'd be out of dirt by now :D. I kept at it for the better part of 4 hours, dredging an olive bugger, bugger + hares ear, and chronomid but not a single participant. I'd had enough of the wind and doing double time on the flippers -- unused leg muscle groups were screaming at me. A small group showed up and set-up camp and with the exception of one short visit from a spincaster, not another soul. speaking with one in the group, they said the forecast was for increased wind... so rather than camp in the dust storm, I headed for Sun Lakes.

    Saturday I arrived at Dry Falls about 7:30am. Just about launch time when Dave (DP) showed up. After a quick introduction, I made my way out to the bay right below the lookout facility... had some great success there last season with c-beatis. I dragged an olive grizzly hackled leech along the way and got a number of tappity-taps until rounding the rock point then kaboom. After releasing that nice fat rainbow, I barely got re-started and another whose areal display and belly-flops had me chuckling. Several more interested parties on this set-up kept the other rig idle... stay with what's working. Dave finally made his way around and we spent a little time working that section of the lake. Fish were showing here and there, but never got lights out. I made my way back around the edges to the launch and never had another hit over that hour+. I was eating lunch when Dave made his way back to the launch. We chatted a bit over a couple cold beers and he suggested I give Rocky Ford a try as that was where he was heading. Following another cold one at RF parking lot (it's very important to stay hydrated in the warm weather you know), we geared up and plied our skills. I heard his reel sing, but mine remained silent. That fishery is an interesting one to be sure and it had been about 5+ years since my last stop there -- just don't seem to go there like years ago.

    Decided to spend the night at Burke Lake and try some early-late evening fishing. Fished until about 7:30 and had two fish, both smaller rainbows on a leech pattern and hares ear dropper. The camp area was looking at bit crowed and had the makings for some late night noise, so I figured I'd try another spot.

    Got my lake fix in, fished a new lake (Windmill), caught fish, met another WFF member and made it back home safely... great trip all around!

    Thanks for the scud pattern and beer Dave.... it was real nice meeting and fishing and with you!
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