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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by homeyg, Feb 13, 2009.

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    Nice fish.

    Ok, I have to ask you guys. I quit fishing that chain about four years ago when the fishing started "going downhill". After seeing those pictures the one question I have is how many fish do you normally catch on an average day in May and late September or early October??

    Those are large fish, but I know the Department is very disappointed in the quality of fishing in Lenice.

    My favorite lakes to fish are those where I have a hook-up on average every 10-15 minutes. Slow enough to enjoy the lake, quick enough to keep from getting sloppy.

    Do you think the Department should manage some lakes for very large fish even though it might mean no hookups on many days??
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    Thanks for all the help you guys!:thumb:
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    I'd say that your expectations are too high if you like to catch a fish every 10-15 minutes.
    In an 8 hour day that works out to 32-48 fish. :eek:

    Two springs ago I put together a 30 and a 40 fish day, back to back at Lenice, but I am damn happy if I can average 5-6 nice ones per day.

    Maybe you and the WDFW are disappointed in Lenice, but I'm sure not!:D

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    509. I dont fish lenice I fish Nunnally and this past october we had numerous days in a row with 50-60 and more fish per day. they averaged in size 18-20" with some larger. alot of small tigers thrown in just to make you change your fly as they destroy them with there sharp little teeth.

    Oh I rarely spend no more than 6 to 7 hours on the lake.
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    Well, five or six fish per day is slow. But Trout Master those sorts of numbers indicate that the lake is really not in need of rehab.

    The reason I was asking is a long time ago I had a long discussion with a now retired state fish biologist. They were basically managing the selective fishery lakes for lots of fish in the size 18-20 inch category.

    So basically all the selective fishery lakes end up with the same management objective. My argument was that there should be more selective fishery lakes. His response was that only a few lakes will attain large fish. My response was that I would love to see a selective fishery with lots of fish that I could take kids to fish. When I saw the pictures of the large fish I realized that we could also manage selective fisheries for a few, but large fish.

    So the question is this.....Do we need to have more diversity in the goals for selective fisheries lakes? That is manage some lakes for lots of fish, others for large fish, and yet others with the current objectives. The same can be said for species diversity. Selective fishery lakes for bass?? I know there is one....why not more??
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    I guess I shouldnt of said its in need of a rehab, what is does need is the stabilizing dam at the outlet rebuilt. the water level has dropped and good 1.5 ft thru out the system. I dont know what it will take to put it back up. I t was torn down by the people living at burkett lake (old water ski lake) after the water ski people left. The thought was they would get more water in burkett.
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    I am planning on getting over in Mid March...anyone have any dates they are planning on going? (I am thinking maybe March 13-15) Anyone know when Captain Larry typically sets up?

    Best Griswald
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    I'll be there March 7,8 and 9. I'll be posted some info when the time gets nearer.
    I'm actually thinking of arranging to get into a huge argument with the wife. I'll get her all worked up so that I say: Fine, I'm leaving". She'll respond: "just leave!". I'll pack up my gear and go fishing on the opener, smiling the whole time. Granted, we are not the arguing type and this has never happened yet - but it sounds good. 50/50 chance I'll show up for the opener besides the above mentioned dates.

    Larry is usually set up by the opener.

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    Since I ain't planning on getting hitched again, I'll have to settle for "pissing-off my Lab." See you there . . . I'll be the old bald fart with bad knees, a bad ticker, and a flyrod in-hand (is there a better way in which to check-out?).
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    koja48, no checking out yet, we have not yet fished there is much yet to be done.
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    That's not too shabby of a drive from the Tri-Cities koja, I'd be hittin' lots of desert lakes from that location :D

    I'm looking forward to the opener, well not the opener itself, but a mid-week day with very little of the W-word right after it opens. Sounds like it's doing pretty well. I really hope it pumps out some good callibaetis hatches this year it just gets so fun when there are emergers and spinnerfalls. I recall spinnerfalls so heavy at Lenice that there were just naturals everywhere, casting to a fish there would certainly be 2, 3, maybe 4 other naturals in it's immediate range to choose before the artificial - like stillwater trico fishing.

    Okay I gotta stop, the drool is threatening to destroy my keyboard.
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    We'll fish, Mumbles . . .