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  1. It looked like this lake just received some hatchery fish, just wondering if anyone knows directions to it. I fished there as a kid, but cannot for the life of me remember how to get to the parking area. I remember that there was a walk in possibly 15-20 min. If you have some info pls. respond. I remembered it was great fishing.
  2. . Search for "Lenice Lake, WA". Click on Directions. Put in where you're coming from.

    The walk in is only about 10 min.
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  3. I've never been out there, but I'm thinking about going Sat. Are electric motors allowed on Lenice and Nunnally? Will it be more crowded than the Marysville Golden Corall on all you can eat shrimp night?

  4. But it can be 30 minutes in high winds and a tube on your back.....:eek:
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  5. Not sure about your reference to hatchery fish (aren't all plants "hatchery" fish?), that usually happens with the put and take lake. I wouldn't chase them that at Nunnally / Lenice. If ya want to haul all that stuff down, by all means do, motors/batteries, etc. Not what I would want to do that but people do. There are other basin lakes with better access for that type of getting on the lake and fishing.

    Porter: I have a packable Xtreme pontoon and almost ended up with the face in the dirt a coupe of times on my last trip. I can appreciate your comment.

    As for directions, you can find that yourself - not difficult. Ain't gonna hold your hand on that one. Maps anyone????

  6. Go Hwy 90 east to you cross over the Columbia river take right just as you cross the bridge take the next right turn left at Lower Crab Creek road

  7. First left after the train bridge, follow that road till in turns to dirt,then keep going until you see a parking lot full of vehicle's and a concrete shiter. Left had side.
  8. Jon, the new fish will be small. And may actually put the existing population off the bite a bit. They can be pesky as they chase down everything you throw out, and the big boys don't get a chance to carefully examine your offering. Your daily count may go up, but quality will suffer. The goal is for these new fish to grow up on the abundant food source, and provide better action next year.
    WDFG has tried a number of different scenarios on stocking Lenice and Nunnally since these will not self propogate. Trips, fingerlings, browns, tigers, now "stockers". Feds are involved also not wanting any preditory fish to escape into the Columbia and munch smolts. Hence no new browns.
    Still wonderful lakes and a joy to fish. Nunnally will have the same plant, and provides a lot more solitude, though a tougher walk/launch.
  9. Then follow the trail of broken glass to the parking lot.
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  10. damn- those fresh plants really get in the way.
    I am fishing on Saturday and may have to re-think where.....

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