Lake Lenore

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Adam00, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. Adam00 New Member

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    Going this March-April and would like to mix in a few new colors of chronomids that work. Thanks in advance
  2. 2 Much Fishin New Member

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    Color of Chironomid's or Leeches??

    In the fall it doesnt matter what you use. But in the spring...well someone else is going to have to help you out as I have never been there.
  3. Flyn'dutchman Member

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    Basic colors, black, red, green, size almost seems more important than color. And then there is presentation! I saw rainbows of color in some boxes last spring. I prefer fishing leeches even when the others were fishing chronomids. Caught many more bigger fish on leeches.
  4. Jeremy Husby Is there a Vahalla for fishermen?

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    reddish-browns, otherwise know as leech brown, In early April use black and as the summer comes in start changing to lighter colors in browns and greens, for chironomids. I was up at a YR lake the other day and saw the thickest black chironomid hatch I have ever seen. . .
  5. SophiaBarry New Member

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    reddish-browns, otherwise know as leech brown...
  6. bradsmokes New Member

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    sounds good to me
  7. robinbolt New Member

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    hey this is very nice ,, i must get more information about it... it would be beautiful.
  8. Irafly Active Member

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    Location, Location, Location and then depth. Seem to better keys in spring there. But above mentioned colors have all worked for me.

  9. Paul Huston Swinger

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    Depth or "zone"
    in that order. Even then, shades of light or dark is usually enough