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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by mayfly, Jul 13, 2002.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Went down around mt. st. helens 4th of july weekend for the hex. hatch at lake Merrill. It was a hot and sunny day and not much action on the surface till the hatch started up around 8:30. I positioned myself north of the boat launch between shore and that little island. Initially, the hatch wasn't too strong but fish were occasionally coming up and gently sucking those big sailing ships down. I checked out the mayflies really closely and they were HUGE and very creamy yellow color!! about size 8 or so is my guess.

    The hatch got stronger very close to shore (<50ft) as the evening progressed until it peaked about about 9:30 or so. I fished with the dun pattern the entire evening and ended up with 1 really nice brown trout to hand and tons of missed fish!! It was a blast!! Lots of people but everyone spread out so it didn't feel too crowded.

    campground was full so i just slept in my truck next to the boat launch. Anyone else given Merrill a try this year?

  2. :THUMBSUP Went Wednesday after work. Fished three hours across the boat launch on the far shore with a couple of hits on a small elk hair, landed one 10 incher. Crossed back north of the launch, south of island. Landed a 9" at the begining of hex with an emerger from The Greased Line in Vancouver. Then landed fat 16" brown in the same spot. Just as the activity was closing down for the night I hit a fish that folded my 5w in half, pulled me around like a rag doll. If I wasn't so scared of losing my rod it might have been more of a happy experience. A drift boat with two guys in it were cheering me as I was belting out obsenties. The largest brown I've ever seen was now in my lap folded up both sides of my float tube. The gauge on my stripping net only goes to 16" and I'm sure it was 4" on either side of the scale. My only regret is no camera. I'm going back for the hex in the next week. (note to self: bring flashlight with working lamp, camera with flash, and salmon net) Good luck on the hatches. :THUMBSUP
  3. Does anybody have a more current report from Merril? I'm sure the fishing is doing well. I was there last year on August 1st and the Hex hatch was pretty incredible. Any news on the fishing would be great. Is the campground there pretty small? I'm thinking about camping out but last year the campground seemed pretty full. Plan on hitting the NF Lewis during the day and Merril at night. Any thoughts?
  4. There is camping just past the turn off for Merrill for rv or truck camping. Or go 3-6 miles past the lake for camping with tents at the diffrent turn offs. They may not be allowing fires due to the dry weather. I have not been down there myself since 4th of July.
  5. Hikepat thank you for the info.

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