Lake Merrill

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  1. Merrill was good to me today. Fished from 10:30 to 1:30. Cloudy, then some partial sun, then wind and rain till I got too cold and left for home. Caught fish only at North end…….had 18 or so bites, 8 Fish to hand , 1/2 cuts, 1/2 trips browns but I did not fish deep. Biggest was a fat 18" fish so they are eating well this fall. Eagle tried to get a couple fish. Took a while to find fish and what retrieve they wanted but then it was steady. Water was pretty other canoe on lake.
  2. High water this time of year "WOW" my friend Bartfly wants to get up there before it closes, I guess he will have to twist my arm and make me go- closer than coldwater! Thanks for the report and could you post when they decide to close the gate - it would be appreciated greatly --- thanks!
  3. I fished up there about a month ago. Was checked by the DNR guy for my Discover pass. While we were talking he told me the gate would be open until Nov 15th or the first snow up there whichever was first.
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