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  1. So im heading down to lake tapps tomorrow to see if I cant get a tiger or even some smallmouth. What flies should I use? Leaders? Presentation and what not? Im bringing my eight weight so I think it should be enough. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :thumb:
  2. Yep, get there early so you don't have to wait in line for 5 hours at the boat launch and bring your wallet, there is a launch fee. If they have planted rainbow trout there recently, I would probably start with a rainbow trout colored baitfish pattern for the tigers. :)

    I heard a rumor that they don't plant tigers in there anymore. Since they are sterile, is there still a decent fishery for them there?
  3. It's still on the active tiger stocking list and there are some huge ones caught out of there every year.

    Also, don't bring any booze with you to the boat launch. The sheriffs post up there and search people's coolers.
  4. As of May 1st, the state increased the catch size limit on Tiger Muskies to 50". My understanding of the reason for this is due to no stockings taking place in 2008. Most folks C & R these anyway, but this will help assure more fish are available to anglers due to the plant cutbacks.
    Washington gets its eggs from Minnesota and there has been a issue with VHS disease in the Great Lakes area. Since no eggs where received in 07, there aren't any muskies to stock in 08. They are generally stocked in June.
    There is also talk that Minnesota may discontinue their tiger muskie program.
    If you'd like more info on tiger Muskies, contact warmwater coordinator Bruce Bolding at WDFW.
    Here is an article that might help you with Tapps. Not fly fishing related but give you some ideas.
  5. make sure to get an early start the lake is sure to be buzzin with boats and seadoos....some of the good areas for musky are hard to fish when the boat traffic is heavy. Im not sure where you plan to launch but the Allen York Park Launch on the City of Bonney lake side is quite expensive now $8 to put in..and $8 to take out... at least thats what i heard. Either way in the afternoon there is sure to be some good scenery out there if you arent catchin any fish:thumb:. BTW... try LARGE baitfish patterns... my favorite patterns are ones that resemble yellow perch for both smallies and musky. may want some wire leader for the musky.
  6. iagree

  7. So how did you do on the musky on saturday? I hit up tapps this morning and got blanked with the fly rod..but landed a bunch of smallies on the spin rod. Had about a 5-5.5ft musky follow my bait up to within a few feet of the boat...quite a rush thing saw the boat and didnt want to bite.
  8. i kayaked tapps today and i was wondering about fishing for musky soon. i just wouldnt know where to start. and no i wouldnt fish from a kayak haha. also i want to get into some smallies. can anyone help me out? PM please
  9. Well I ended up seeing two tigers. The first one I saw was in some shallows but wanted nothing to do with my flies. I ended up fishing for smallies and did pretty well. We got 8 between me and a buddy. About half way into the day my buddy was throwing a tube bait for smallies and was not paying attention and when I heard him make this really awkward mumble I turned to see a monster of a tiger take his tube bait and spit it out in a split second. Man that fish was huge. All in all it was a great time even though the tigers were not biting catching a bunch of smallies made up for it. I will be back to tapps very soon I hope. I will catch one of those dam things one day. :thumb:

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