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  1. I'M right now tying patterns for my trip next week over east - so am going through some "theories" on patterns and water clarity. bakerite informed me that right now there is only 4 to 5 feet visibility in the lake. now from when I fished it in the spring (very clear water) they did not like the white beaded chiro, but in other lakes in the region that had low visibility the fished loved the white bead chiro! I had been tying black and red nymphs and other natural colored nymphs before finding out about the "visibility" now that I have enough natural colored flies tied I now am working on brighter white beaded flies. I found that in two lakes that had super clear water they did not like the white beads and darker beads and nymphs worked much better. now in the low visibility lakes the white bead ruled hooking at least twice as many fish!

    My theory is that it is a (being able to see it thing) from a distance more then matching what might be hatching. black being the most visible and white being a close second I am tying red - n - black white beaded chiro's with a sparkle white shinny short tail (shuck) to help them find them better - we will see if I'm right!

    what might you think?????
  2. I started using sulky thread on many of my mids and nymphs this last spring - it seemed to really work. the fish I believe think it is some of the shuck left on the nymph that just emerge from the bottom of the lake and makes it much more visible. I also believe it covers fish looking at the hook bend and point much better - hiding it or not allowing the fish to zero in on the hook as much to "spook"

    just theory though!

    Here is some tied with the sulky thread and I use them with some of the darker beaded flies I tie also. also a picture of a hatch that happened the last day I was there in the spring telling me black could be a great color regardless of if the hatch happens, at least I know it does happen! the pic of flies you can-not tell how much the sulky thread sparkles but it does and makes a difference for me. it goes on all my chiro's now.

    boise la grande trip 158.jpg

    boise la grande trip 070.jpg

    sulky thread 002.jpg
  3. Went back to the "home water" today with some crayfish patterns that looked pretty good. The were out of Marv Taylor's book, tied with brown chenille, pheasant tail, brown hackle and a copper rib on size 4 streamer hooks. In the first 15 minutes it caught 3 fish, one that was 18" and fat like the school bus fish. When I went to the back bay the deer hair dragon was still the bug of choice, but the crayfish worked well in the deeper water and only caught the larger fish. Unfortunately I left my "fishin buddy" at home so felt a little blind trying to probe the depths.
  4. 18 incher! you are really trying to get me to fish it again aren't you ;-)~ well its sunday night and I will be heading your way at around 5 in the morn - will give a call and hope you and your son can make it over on friday! I have a bunch of craw patterns too!!!

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