Lake to fish tomorrow Coulee City Area

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Ron Olsen, May 11, 2014.

  1. Ron Olsen Member

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    Hi all

    Will be in Coulee City area tomorrow, and looking for any recent recommendation for a lake to fish. Dry Falls? Park, Blue, Deep, Perch? Heard Lenore is asleep. Too bad, like that lake. Could also do Lenice or Nunnally?

    Thanks, Ronbow
  2. Wayne Kohan fish-ician

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    I fished Lenice yesterday. It fished OK, 10-15 fish in only 4 hours of fishing. Never really got locked in. Left because I had other obligations, would have like to keep fishing.

  3. Irafly Active Member

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    Dry Falls was tough last weekend on Saturday, possibly a weather system change. I started at Park on the South end and there were fish to be found on the edges of the East side but the wind was too brutal to stay long.
  4. steeli Member

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    Dry Falls for me was slow a couple weeks ago also; netted some but pretty sporatic. Looked like most others were about the same at best. My excuse was the daphnia bloom you could see really thick in places.
  5. Irafly Active Member

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    You were able to see the thick daphnia bloom? Please tell me you attempted to fish right into it! Fish will seriously stack up in those blooms and when they do they will eat almost anything in there that looks like food.
  6. dbk Active Member

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    Fished Dry Falls yesterday from 7:30-1pm.... throat samples revealed lots of daphnia but there was no "bloom" visible from the surface... not familiar with the depth at which these daphnia blooms take place but the hot zone was 11-12ft down in 13-15ft of water where I was fishing... blood worms were being eaten with regularity though the only thing showing up in the samples were daphnia...
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  7. Ron Olsen Member

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    Thanks all. Ended up at my "home" water, Nunnally. Did well, though never really dialed it in, other than the fish all seemed to want to be in 15' of water. Easily best area was the mid lake shoal, with a pod of fish on either side. The east end is getting seriously weeded up. Weeds to 10 feet in 15' of water. Never saw that before. Light wind, sunny. Fish were seriously chowing down on #14 olive chironomids. Then fished Back to the Wall Tuesday. OMG!
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  8. dp ~El Pescador

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    looking forward to your report or PM on Back to the Wall
    was thinking about how you did