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  1. During the summer of 2007, biotic sampling was conducted in (1243) lakes across the (48) contiguous states by individual state agencies. The biotic samples were sorted to the lowest practical taxonomic level and counted by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The resulting data was provided to me in spreadsheet format. Upon receipt, each taxonomic unit was further identified to family common name. This was done to make the data easier to understand by a non-scientific audience. The data was then placed in a database, and the query, Lakes Biotic Survey, was developed to provide access to that data.

    To query the data, either select a particular state (by two letter abbreviation), or allow the query to default to ALL STATES SAMPLED, and then click the Next Selection button.

    Next, either select a macroinvertebrate group, or allow the query to default to ALL MACROS SAMPLED, and then click the Next Selection button.

    Next, either select a particular lake, or allow the query to default to ALL LAKES SAMPLED, and then click the Submit Query button.

    Following a brief pause to access the data, you will be rewarded with the result of your query. Perhaps this information will prove interesting to you.

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  2. Neat list, Thanks for the link. There is a high lake 10 miles from my house on it!
  3. bakerite-

    You're welcome; glad you like it. Would that be Phillips?
  4. Can we submit to the database?
  5. Daryle-

    The EPA Lakes Survey data is static. However, if you can describe what you have in mind, and it is practical and has potential to be useful, I could develop an application to support it. So, why don't you just give me some examples of what you are thinking, and how it might work. PM me if you would feel more comfortable with that approach.
  6. Hi Roger,

    I also would like to be able to study up and submit observations. If information from lay observers can be used, I would be happy to start collecting data. Also, to have a link to other info (such as Wikipedia) incorporated into the static data list would be interesting and helpful to someone just getting started. I will try to copy the list and build up the links, for my own education and use. Let me know if your interested in a copy.
  7. Thanks, Michael. Your interest in participating in the process of submitting observations has been noted. I will get back to you once it becomes clearer where (if anywhere) this may be going.

    Good suggestion, Michael. I'll give it some thought, and see what I can do along those lines.

    I strongly encourage you to do just that, as you will learn much more from putting something together yourself, than by simply reading what someone else has put together. Once you have assembled your information, feel free to send it to me, and I would be happy to provide you with feedback.

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