Lakes in Kent area??

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by NewToSport, Jun 11, 2002.

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    Hello, I live in Kent and since the rivers are still running high I am thinking of going to either Lake Wilderness or Lake Meridian this weekend. If you don’t have a boat is worth going to either of these lakes?

    Also I have never fished a lake so any suggestions or tips anyone has would be great.

  2. hikepat Patrick

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    Both of those lakes are hard to fish due to crowds on the shore. A couple of lakes not far to go to for you would include North lake off hwy 18 in Federal Way, Deep Lake out by the Tacoma Waterworks part of the Green River and Lake Fennewick in Des Moines. I have fished all from shore in the past though all fish better from a boat you can catch fish from shore. If you are willing to go further and like to fish after 6 PM Rattlesnake lake can be fished from shore but you will not catch much from shore until the evening hours. Park your car outside the gate and walk in.