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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by corrington_j, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. I am interetsed in what washington lakes have some ok fly fishing and boat rentals. I would like to take my girlfriend out, and she doesn't like the idea of walking a creek. I know of fish lake on the way to leavenworth, would that be an ok choice. I live in kirkland, so a drive of around 2 hours would be pretty good. Probably want to get over to the eastside, as our success will most likely be better. Any thoughts.
  2. Silver Lake down by Eatonville. The owner used to stock browns and there are some bows. There is Fish Lake over by Leavenworth. It can get very windy. Those are a couple that come to mind.
  3. The Only Lake That I Know Of With Good Fly Fishing That Rents Boats Is East Lake Down In Central Oregon. Renting Boats Is Kind Of A Lost Thing. Not Many People Do It Anymore.

  4. I believe Mineral lake has a marina with rentals. Down near Mt. Ranier.
  5. Silver Lake in Whatcom Co. but check with the park office first, it's seasonal. Going east, Sprague Lake has a couple resorts that rent boats. Williams Lake near Cheney. Maybe Jameson Lake and some of the private resorts on the Sun Lakes?
  6. The resort at Potholes rents them. I think American Lake might, down in peirce co. Try for more.

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