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  1. I just bought a tent trailer with a rack for my pontoon boats, looking for lakes that you can camp right on the shoreline, the missus ain't keen on packing boats around and likes to sit with her feet in the water while she sips her ice tea.
  2. the ones that i know of in whatcom/ skagit counties are grandy,vogler,baker,gorge,diablo,silver,cranberry i could be missing a few.
  3. Wapato Lake near Lake Chelan (Manson) has camp sites on the lake. Hook-ups too I think, and a little store. I've not fished this lake, but the shallow end looks good for fly fishing. About a mile straight back from the Casino.
  4. You can go to the Washington State Parks page and search by park features. Camping and fishing could be your search criteria, you'll get your list.
  5. There is no camping at Vogler.
  6. kerry, the owner of the property at vogler has a couple sites available i've seen him advertise them on craigslist
  7. You are right. I forgot about that weirdo. Don't know about you but I am not staying at that cat's place. Way to strange for me and I can take a lot of strange.
  8. The list is almost endless. I'll throw a couple names out though. Bonaparte, Chopaka, Ellen, Trout, Buffalo.
  9. So with all these lakes that have camping and fishing, you guys ought to hook up a family angler and drop a geocache at each one. That will greatly improve my chances of a family outing there and boost my odds of getting to fish them.
  10. Big Twin has a nice campground (with showers and hook ups), good fishing and it is close to Winthrop which has lots to do if your wife gets bored with fishing! Rick
  11. He's weird... but he is a nice guy. I've talked to him a couple times while collecting water quality samples for work. He has a huge interest in the lake, and it's health is one of his main priorities. So he can't be THAT bad. Plus, if I remember right, he has the campers stay on the other side of the lake kind of in the trees. you have to hike around, but I bet you could park a trailer down at the pull out.

  12. Sly:

    He is that bad, and worse.... He thinks he owns the lake and certainly, makes you feel as unwelcome as possible. For campers, in tents, he has them use the outhouse in the launch area. There's more but I will leave it at that.

  13. He has a huge interest in the lake because he sees it as a money maker. He absolutely despises the fact that the old boy that used to own the place gave WDFW public access. If he could he would take away that access and turn the place into a pay to play lake.
  14. He does own the lake. That property and one other adjacent property own the lake.
  15. The last time I was at that little lake there were signs on the right side of the lake saying that the land there belonged to WDFW.

    I was under the impression that that nut case at the launch was there for just the opening and closing of the gate. He opened it at about 6 and closed it at dusk. Plus, didn't somebody try to put in a campground at the upper left hand side ??
  16. Bennysbuddy:

    Ya know, you don't need a campground right on the lake. You can unhook the tent trailer and drive to other spots to fish. I'm thinking of one particular spot on the dry side that the campground is at one lake but ya got to drive a bit to the quality lake.

    Keep your options open.....

  17. Yes the little campground is to the left of the launch area,you access from a different road. And yes the WDFW owns the land to the right of the launch plus the launch area.
  18. Mike inherited the property from the owner who died a couple of years ago (at the age of 100+). He owns much of the property around the lake with one other parcel belonging to WDFW and another, on the far side, belonging to Nature Conservancy. The late owner asked WDFW to to poison the lake, which only had a few catfish at the time, and to stock trout. WDFW agreed but required a public access as part of the deal.

    I've chatted with Mike a number of times and shared a beer or two with him and would certainly not describe him as "weird" and I think he is genuinely concerned with the well being of the lake. Yes, I'm sure he'd like to make a living from the property, wouldn't you if you lived on a lake?
  19. We'll be camping at Deception pass this summer. On Cranberry lake, with Pass 5 minutes and Lone slightly farther.
  20. The little strip of land in red is listed as owned by the Dept of Game. The property on either side of the Dept. of Game land is owned by the guy in the house and the other chunk at the lower end is owned by a land/timber company. WDFW/DoG has access/fishing rights to the lake but they do not own it.


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