lakes with campgrounds

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  1. VoglerLake

    VoglerLake Michael Hayes

    Always glad to meet a well outfitted sportsman!
  2. Loren Jensen

    Loren Jensen Active Member

    camping at baker lake is my favorite, meet a lot of good people, one smaller lake that's loaded with stockers, and beautiful scenery.. if it's warm, plenty of eye candy

    tons of camping space

    michael, i too have heard you were a strange cat, but i thought to my self, anyone who lives next to a lake would be strange like us fly fishermen, would be wierd. we are one with the fish ;) i would like to come check it out, just down the road in sedro-woolley!
  3. VoglerLake

    VoglerLake Michael Hayes

    Baker Lake is a great place for the younger crowd and eye candy and Depression Lake is always productive. I have found spots up in the Baker area where you don't even need a pole, just line/hook/worm and one hell of a sinker. Hiking along the east side trail is where I have found Baker to be the most productive. Blue Lake use to be a great fishing trip but I haven't been up there in almost 10 yrs. The water at Grandy is questionable as it is down stream from about 200 septic tanks....I personally would not eat the fish or have an open wound while float tubbing it.

    There are a number of other places up here for the fly fisherman to explore. But, I'm not telling! Vogler is for the quiet folks that are looking to avoid the crowd. So far, so good! Thanks for the note and I'll see ya this spring.
  4. Islander

    Islander Steve

    Michael, Do you have designated sites or is it just open area camping? Any hookups for electric? I've always thought about trying Vogler but wasn't sure about the access. I had at one time there were brookies in it?
  5. Trout Master

    Trout Master Active Member

    Islander, I have only caught rainbows outta there the last 3 years.
  6. Loren Jensen

    Loren Jensen Active Member

    told ya guys ;)
  7. VoglerLake

    VoglerLake Michael Hayes

    Hello Islander,

    Please let me use this response to not just answer your questions but provide answers to some of the more common questions about what goes on here at Vogler.

    There is 1 full hookup site at the north (front end) of the lake which is easy to drive into/out of and it has 30 amp elect. service and water. The black water dump is up by the old house. I will have 1 more weekender elect/water site up and running by mid summer. I am trying to strike a balance between paying the bills and protecting the peace and quiet and so there will only be a limited number of sites. You may appreciate that I am not looking to have the party crowd here, just the simple folk that like spending a little time by a simple lake. Non-hookup site are available in a number of areas around the lake. The entire western (right hand) side is set aside for basic tent/self contained RVing. The east (left hand) side of the lake is being set up for the Membership Campers. These folks lease a site year around and can leave there rigs here and fix up their site as they like. I do hope to one day to get a well furnished yurt or 2 up here for weekend rental, yet, the cost is way beyond me for now.

    At one time I believe there were brookies here but I believe it was 3-4 decades ago. I sometimes have fellows show up here (not knowing who I am) and tell me about the huge bass/catfish they have caught here.....and exactly where in the lake they caught them at!!!!LOLOLO. One of the many reasons that I try to meet and greet folks is that I have had to stop folks from releasing bass/catfish into the lake at the launch area. They think it would be nice to see this lake full of bass/cats....and they can care less about what that would do to the lake. Mil foil and knot weed is also something I watch out for and I (may have) stopped an out break at the launch area this last summer. Also, there are NO MUD BUGs here, they need running water which this lake does not have. Sometimes I see folks trying to set crawdad traps here and all that it is doing is fouling the water with dead chicken meat. Dead chickens are not "natural" to this lake and I prefer these traps go else where. The outlet area of Grandy use to have a good supply of mud bugs (probably wipped out).

    The bull frog population has crashed due to over killing by the locals. Bull frog tad pols were once a major food source for the trout here! There use to be 1,000s of mature frogs here. Now I can go a full summer without hearing 1. Bull frogs are caught at night and this lake is closed at night. I do try to get trespass charges pressed when I find locals up here at night looking to gig frogs. These folks are also known to set trout lines in the back of the lake to poach as many trout as they can get. This type of night time poaching can quickly strip this lake of trout within a few days.

    One fellow that shows up here almost every Sat. and Sunday tells folks that I fish this lake out. I personally HATE eating trout! I do have a small catfish pond on the side of the lake and I like to have a few each year (beer battered and fried). If you want to bring some small kids up here and let them have some catch and keep fun at the pond, your more than welcome. The catfish are small as they sleep most of the year but the kids can have a field day catching them. I have a 2 pond hatchery here and I hold a fish farming permit. I just have never found a way to make it pay. The locals have been known to wipe out years of work (dynamite in the ponds) just to run off with a hand full of fish. Once I can afford putting in WiFi security cameras around the ponds, I may look into raising trout here and possibly augmenting the state stock.

    Thanks for letting me ramble on about what goes on here. I believe that the more people know what I deal with and what it is like up here, the better they will see this place and what I try to get done here. If you have any more questions, let me know.
  8. Islander

    Islander Steve

    Thanks for the info. I will definitely come up for a few days when it opens.
  9. VoglerLake

    VoglerLake Michael Hayes

    Hello Islander, there is one elect./water hook up and I have a black water dump site if you need it. I also have loaner generators if you want to camp towards the back of the lake and have electricity.
  10. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    I have not fished at the lake since 2004. There was an older gentleman at the lake then. But he was friendly to all that I have ever seen. But he did play his radio loud sometimes. They were going to stick some kind of CG at the far end but I don't know how it went because I was gone by then. They used to plant fish from Trout Lodge in there. I got one that was 25" out of there before I left to greener pastures.
  11. Mark J

    Mark J New Member

    Is there public access to the lake at the old boat launch, I haven't been there for 35 yrs and thot about putting the pontton boat in there. Thanks
  12. Tony

    Tony Tony

    This has been one of the most pleasant posts I've read in a while I really enjoyed the fact that no one lost their temper even tho at one point it seemed called for I've never fished vogler but if I'm ever close at all I will certainly make a point of dropping in and giving it a try thanks for all of the info
  13. Topstoy

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    Many of the lakes east of the cascades have free, dry camping on them and many of them are shore side. The water over here is warm right now but if you go down deep they are still taking a fly and you will likely have the lakes to yourself. Fished my local lake yesterday and picked up 5 nice fighting fish. But by noon the heat drove me off of the lake. PM me if you want more details.