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  1. Lamiglas 9' G 1298 7wt 2pc for trade or sale. I am looking for a 4 wt rod or a 4-5wt reel. pm me with offers if interested.
  2. What's the action on this rod, mod/fast, fast, or REALLY freakin' fast?
  3. I would give it a mod/fast rating. This is obviously subjective, I would recomend you tossing a line with it and deciding for your self. On a 1-10 scale with a 1 being bamboo and a 10 being a sage XP, it would be a 6-7 IMO.
  4. So soon?
    An xp fast?
    If I wasn't savin for a super spendy spey rod,I would Bring The lami back home ,I miss her-easy casting smooth operator.
  5. She does cast smooth. I just don't really need a 7wt. I have an 8, and I need a 4 or 5.
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