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  1. Anyone try this on a Spey rod? Looking at the #4 that weighs 9.38 oz. for a 13'6" 8wt. The Full cage is appealing.
  2. go with a click & pawl, oh sorry this isn't spey pages. /troll

    should work fine.
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  3. Hardy marquis #2, go Korean made. tighter tolerances in machining, but don't let the guys on speypages know I said that or I'll get the tar and feathers
  4. Hard to go wrong with Ross CLA reels. With your rod I would go with #6 but you might go with the 7 depending on how you like to balance the rod. Lamson updated their line up not too long ago so if you shop around you might still find an Alox II lite speed or velocity at a great price. You have a few really good choices in that price range.

  5. The CLA is very appealing. I've only ever seen the #4 in person and it felt very solid. I prefer mono running lines for my spey reels. Any problems with the line slipping between the frame and spool with these?
  6. Just read a review on cabela's confirming my fear hmmmm
  7. my hardy and sa reels handle my solar collector just fine :) but so does my allen alpha ii.... and my allen kraken did as well, before i sold it
  8. i have had both the velocity and guru, there better suited for switch rods get something a cunt hair heavier
  9. good tips, thanks guys
  10. ended up going with the galvan rush light 12
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