Lamson Spey sized reel for sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Denny, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. Denny Active Member

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    Lamson LP 6 available for sale. In very good to excellent condition. It also has a small amount of backing on it. It's a great reel for a spey rod, say a Sage 9140 or comparable stick.

    If I recall correctly, this reel retailed for $275. You can buy this one for only, drum roll please, $125 and a nominal shipping fee ($5) if it has to be shipped.

    I'm in the north Seattle area.

    If you wish to contact me, don't post here, but contact me directly at



  2. Rob Blomquist Formerly Tight Loops

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    I don't see a listing for an LP 6 at the Waterworks-Lamson site. Now I see the LP 4 is a 4.00"x1.00" spool that will hold a WF10 with 250 yards of backing.

    The reason I ask is I am leaning toward building a 12 weight rod up for saltwater, and need a reel for it.

  3. Philster New Member

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    The six is big and would work well on a 12, as well as doing double duty on a spey. I have the LP5 and it's rated at 12 wt and 325yds of #30 or something like that.
  4. luv2fly2 Active Member

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    richard, did you sell the lamson spey reel you advertised on 10-17-03? thanks, mike williams, othello