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  1. Has anyone seen this new video. It is a little pricey, but I have always wanted to own a copy of the original 3M videos that Lani made. Also the new stuff on the second video seems interesting.
  2. No, I have not seen it nor heard about him/video in some time but I did really like the early 80's video he made. One of the best out there IMHO.
  3. Just ordered it today, but haven't seen it... Others on Spey Pages speak highly of it. It doesn't seem too bad, since it's quite long, two DVD's I believe... I'll let you know once I check it out though!
  4. I just watched the new dvd. I really liked it. Theres a ton of good stuff about all aspects of steelheading as well as bits on other people talking about a certain specific aspect of steelheading. I think every steelheader should own these videos. Whether beginner or seasoned vet I think one of the main things to learn from these videos is Wallers aproach and attitude toward steelhead fly fishing, the fish itself and all other aspects. Watching the new video Waller still has that same attitude and excitement from the first three videos and shows no sign of losing it any time soon. The older videos always were inspiring to me and so is the new one. Two thumbs WAY UP here. Oh yeah I wish all my snags turned out like Wallers. Watch and you will see what I mean. Kevin
  5. I met Lani once, and he is a really likeable guy. I was kinda' disappointed in the "Fly fishing for trophy steelhead" video though. It's set on the Babine, and he demonstrates the techniques and so forth, but never really mentions that the secret to catching trophy steelhead is to have a prime reach of river set aside for your exclusive use. I figured out that I really wouldn't need great casting skill or a Waller Waker to catch trophy steelhead if I had several miles of the Babine set aside for my use during prime time. I would have appreciated if he were more forthcoming about why he was able to hook so many trophy steelhead. Novices watching that video may still not have figured it out and are wondering why they aren't catching many, or any, trophy steelhead.
  6. How does one get "a prime reach of river set aside for your exclusive use." So your saying Waller hooked up with the Canadian authorities to close that section off to all others???:rofl: :rofl:

    Please fill us in on this. Hard for me to believe that he had public rivers shut down for his exclusive use, let alone "miles" of the Babine.

  7. Well not 'close down for his exclusive use,' but any one who floated through was asked not to fish as 'they' were filming a video. My memory was all (actually very few) were happy to comply. But with the Jim Teeny vid's, almost another story. Property owners did close there places down so he could have sections of the river to himself/camera men.

    Then again, the water was low and clear (most of the shots) so it really was a necessity.
  8. I received a review copy from Jeff Pill the other day and sat down to start watching it last night. The first disc consists of all three of the original one-hour 3M videos from the mid-80s. I believe this is the first time they have been made available in anything but the VHS format in which they were originally produced and think they are worthwhile if for that reason alone. The second disc features Lani fishing and talking about his experiences and his philosophy of a life spent in pursuit of steelhead; in a very real sense, his legacy. I thoroughly enjoyed both discs. I haven't watched the 3M videos in years and was surprised at how accurate and up-to-date the information offered remains to this day. I would say it's well worth the price; the 3 VHS cassettes were, as I recall, priced at $35.00 apiece when they were released.

  9. Ok, well that is understandable. I didn't think they actually closed the river for him. It was more a common courtesy thing. I think I could do that for someone on my local rivers.

    Thanks for the input Fred.

  10. TFG,

    Sorry that my phrasing overstated the case. No, it wasn't exclusive, but near enough to make the significant difference between readily catching for the camera and not. If you talk to him, ask him how many anglers were sharing the reach he fished during the filming.


    Salmo g.
  11. Does it really matter??? Unless you are pretty dense...nobody was mislead. Spelled out pretty easily where to go to catch big fish. SKEENA DRAINAGE. SUSTUT, BABINE, KISPIOX. Silver Hilton Lodge on the BABINE.

    Anyone that spends the $$$ to fish the exclusive lodges on the Canadian trophy rivers will eventually cross paths with legitimate trophy fish. Anybody that spends the time, on their own, to fish the Canadian trophy rivers will also eventually run into legitimate trophy fish. Chances are this will happen substantially quicker and more often compared to any of the lower 48 'trophy' rivers.

    Either way I am happy the vids have been converted to DVD. My old VHS set are getting long in the tooth and won't make it many more steelhead seasons.

  12. Hi William! Flat forgot you posted to this board. The two Bukie rods Charlie S talked about (thread above) are the two you built.:thumb:

  13. It also helped that both the fellows are damned good with a fly rod (especially Lanni). And as to asking, knew Lanni quite well (no contact in years) back then, that's how I 'know.' But did meet Jim shortly after one of his vid's came out and did ask as I knew (then anyway) the sections of the river he fished.

    Gather then, as now, making these things is very expensive and time consuming.

  14. In my opinion the most important feature of the videos is that Lani Waller, a friend of mine for 25 years, has shared his expertise and entertained us with his videos. That is really the long and short of it.
    In the 1980s, Lani, Gene Fassi, a few others and myself fished the lower Russian River and Salmon Creek in California for steelhead. At least half of the time Lani and I would be kicking back on the beach watch the others fish (and catch) steelhead. On the warmer days we'd also take an occasional glance at the ladies tricked out in their bathing suits on the beach some distance away working on their suntans for the upcoming spring.
    What you saw on these videos is a true snapshot of Lani Waller; an easy-going gentleman who gives you his best every time.
    Good Fishing,
    Les Johnson
  15. Lived in Healdsburg, CA from 1984-1996; on the 'lower Russian' it was 'clothing optional ... female ... and 'male.' Quite a 'life experience' for someone from Canada.:rolleyes:
  16. I got to meet Lani & view the #2 video at the Golden Gete Spey-O-Rama. Lani was terribly sick with a cold at the time and was rather reluctant to converse much for fear of passing it on. None the less, felt he was honor bound to honor his commitment to be there. That alone speaks for the kind of man this guy is.

    So what if others were asked to float through? Wouldn't you expect the same courtesy? And if you think every cast equals a hookup, like in any of these vids, I've got a bridge for sale. ;) Lots of editing involved for sure. But it can still be done. On the swing, on the surface. Even on a sunny day. This two dvd set containing all the stuff on the three original vhs tapes, plus the new up to date footage, is a bargan.

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