Lanyards - How many of you guys wear them?

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  1. Well, that does it. You guys that use lanyards are, well, let's say are---- "girly girls". :D
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  2. My old Morning Star is super handy, got nippers, mini swiss, and a fly patch at the ready. I usually just tuck it into my waders top to keep it from flopping. (The lanyard that is)
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  3. i love using a lanyard. if im just running down to the river durring lunch or jumping from spot to spot on a few highway sections, i can have my lanyard ready with my tippet, nipper, and hemostat, and just put a puck of flys in my pocket. i dont really like fish with a pack if i dont have to. if im spendin a few hours, ill wear a pack, but ill still wear my lanyard and have my most used items right there... less digging around. theres enough weight to not flop around, but not so much that i feel it on my neck. mine is homemade- paracord style- like $2.
  4. Like the idea of an Abel Tool and small(er) Swiss Army knife. Need to add those.
  5. Yep. I have my nippers, floatant, a fly patch, sunglasses cleaning rag, 2 tippets, and a small bottle of sunscreen usually.
  6. a couple of clips to hold flies while I am tying them on, nippers, floatant. I have more but beyond these essentials its up to you how much you want on it.

    I have a bought one, and one I assembled myself especially for salt water to make sure I did not have things that were going to corrode.

  7. I dated myself there. I meant waist pack :)
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  8. I use a lanyard ( don't recall the name) when I'm stream fishing for trout. On it I keep a Leatherman Micra (the one with scissors), bottle of Loon Top Ride,bottle of Loon Aquel, a couple Thingamabobbers, 5 or so tippet spools, and a leader straightener I never use. With a lanyard I wear a Simms Hip Pack. If you keep it clipped to your shirt and not to heavy, it shouldn't really get in the way. When I'm streamer fishing or chasing steel, I use a piece of paracord to hold my Leatherman Micra around my neck and tucked down my jacket and all my other terminal tackle is in my wader pocket.
  9. Definitely use one. I have never had fly line tangle. In the past I could never find what I needed in a vest or waist pack no matter how organized I tried to be. Love it.
  10. I use the lanyard when Tenkara fishing as thats when I'm in the minimalist mode otherwise I use a chest pack made by cortland.
  11. Only when I'm in the boat; that way tippet, nippers and such are ready to hand when somebody needs me to fix a small problem quickly. Otherwise, the thing lives someplace in the truck.
  12. I made one for myself to use when sitting on a lake. I also added a clip to hold the thing to my shirt so it wouldn't get in the way when ever I bent over.
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  13. Well somebody had to say it.............
  14. Count me as a lanyard convert. A lanyard and small sling pack have replaced my old, overloaded, heavy (and chronically stereotypical) fly vest . Lanyard and sling pack combo are less bulky, more convenient and much more comfortable to use. Lanyard holds tippet, nippers and bottle of floatant. Sling pack gets extra fly box(es), net attachment, water bottle & flask (!) and misc accessories (indicators, weights, extra leader, etc.) Bottom line, though --- I carry far less crap these days without that crappy 'classic' vest.
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  15. I love them, I use mine every time I go fishing. I keep all the essentials on it, nippers, forcepts, floatant, tippet (lots of tippet) and a fly patch (for drying flies which get left in there) basically if I forget everything but my lanyard I can still usually catch a fish or two.
  16. Pretty much this^ and this:
    Don't leave home without it.

    For the guys crying about it flopping all over the place, there should be a clip on the bottom of it to secure the lanyard to your shirt so it should not sag anymore than an item of clothing.
  17. I use mine for nippers and forceps whenever I fish. It keeps them real handy and I don't have to worry about dropping them. Weight is minimal.
  18. I just put mine on the inside of my waders

  19. Better than a vest! Vests are silly
  20. They remind me of something a Voodoo Medicine Man would wear and Voodoo Medicine Men scare me. :eek:

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