lanyards or chest packs.. what do you use.. and what do you carry..

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Pete Langevin, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Richard Torres

    Richard Torres Active Member

    I purchased a camel pack (small backpack with a water bladder) a couple of years ago and I take it to work or when I go out on the water.
    It holds my lunch, camera, a small first aid kit, has pockets for a pen, a lighter, my knife, and other misc. items.
    I can also expand it to include a couple of fly boxes. Its been a great little setup.

    I have a couple of vests but they would literally be a pain in neck and shoulders once I loaded them up (poor design?).
  2. Kenneth Yong

    Kenneth Yong Member

    For all trips:

    - One spare furled leader
    - Snips
    - Forceps
    - Camera
    - Polarized fitover glasses
    - Cap
    - Water
    - Occasionally, food (fruit/bars/sandwiches)

    Additionally, for:


    - Small box of dry flies, small box of nymphs
    - Tippets in 2 to 6 lbs. BS, most times just one size if I know the river well
    - Sometimes a scoop net, a Measurenet in small


    - Medium box of saltwater flies
    - Tippets in 6 to 15 lbs. BS depending where I'm going
    - Pliers
    - Sunscreen

    I like to go as light as possible, all the above usually fits into the pockets of my Daiwa Wilderness Wading Jacket, or hangs off the attached zingers.

    I sometimes use a Fishpond Crooked Island pack when I'm wet-wading, e.g., on a reef or sand flat in the tropics, or when the jacket's not needed. The pack's great, you can use it as a fanny or chest pack or sling it over your shoulder, or take it off and hang it on a tree branch when you're exploring a hole.
  3. fredaevans

    fredaevans Active Member

    Interesting you should ask; same question going running on two other major fly (US and UK) fishing boards. I'll keep my 'answer' short ... if it doesn't fit in the pocket of your waders/shirt or clamped (string of clamp/clipper/file on you shirt) you don't need it unless you're going to be a hell of a long way from your car. Why lug all that shxt around?

    Just a thought, just a thought (and .02 cents).
  4. Toney

    Toney My other car is a fly rod.

    I wear a sling pack, shapped sort of like a Fish Pond. It is a Tamarac photogrphers bag, empiled of campera equipment and filled with three fly boxes and the other crap I need. With a camera bag, I finally have a place for lunch. They are handy because you can quickly take them off. Lanyars would drive me crazy. Anythin that hangs around my heads and jingles is going to get caught on something, plus I don't want to look like a Christmas tree out there. It might spook the fish.
  5. walt

    walt New Member

    When wade fishing I usually use a backpack. I started with a vest but I mainly fish trout on rivers and streams and am typically away from the truck or campsite for a few hours or more. I usually have a jacket, hat, food, water, booze, smokes, camera, bug dope, sun block, misc. first aid/survival gear, fishing depends on the weather and how far I plan to go. I do my share of backpacking so the weight doesn't bother me and if I am fishing with one of my buddies we will both use it and take turns carrying it. I keep tippet and nippers on a zinger and some flies in my hat or shirt for easy access.
  6. flybill

    flybill Purveyor of fine hackle, wine & cigars!

    A backpack, if I'm walking any sort of distance. Gave up on the vest a long time ago and don't like the chest pack, especially when I'm spey casting.

    I have a separate trout and steelhead backpack and a fair number of duplicate things such as pliers, nippers, etc. so that I don't have to deal with moving stuff from one to another and usually forget something. I use the trout pack, that has some front pockets most of the time I fish for trout.

    For steelhead, I just take a fly box, some Maxima, tippet, a spare leader or two and its stuffed in my jacket and wader pockets. I've found that less it more and I get tired of carrying the extra weight! I've got enough of that w/o any more stuff! :clown: If I was hiking in somewhere then I do carry my backpack, but try to take only what I'll need.

    The really important items are the flask of ____ and a few cigars! And a wading staff, I hate when I forget that!

  7. Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson Member: Native Fish Society

    I use a sling pack, my wife got it for my birthday last year and I love it. Just spin it around and everythings right there, spin it back and it's out of the way.
  8. Salmo_g

    Salmo_g Active Member

    I wore a Columbia "Kalama" short wading vest for years, and it more than served its purpose for 20 years. I thought I'd scale back and replaced it with a chest pack I found in the Cabela's catalog. It was great, made of regular nylon pack cloth with just enough pockets for a couple fly boxes, tippet spools, forceps, nipper, and hook hone. It was so practical that when it wore out after 10 years I discovered it was no longer available. In its place are all the new high profile brand name shit made out of ballistic nylon and stuffed with so much padding, it holds its shape while empty. I've tried at least a half dozen of them, and they are all flawed. Fabricated from such heavy fabric and then stuffed with foam stiffeners, I feel like a Holstein Cy-bood porn star when wearing any of them. But since I once had a fully functional chest pack, I figured out just what to do. I grabbed a scissors and seam ripperand removed the inner nylon layer and the foam stiffener. All that shit adds up to the thickness of a standard fly box, so now with a fly box in it, no additional thickness is generated. I use the Fishpond San Juan model, only I use the old straps off my previous pack. I found that I don't care for a strap around my neck, and the double shoulder strap holds the back better, and I don't feel any weight from it anywhere.

    If I'm hiking to fish, or floating, I take a day pack loaded with lunch, water, beer, rainjacket, extra shirt or jacket depending on season, 10 essentials, and could bivauc for the night if need be.

  9. KerryS

    KerryS Ignored Member

    Lanyard with hook file and nippers. In pocket of rain jacket or fishing shirt with large pockets or vest if not wearing rain coat; 1 fly box, tip wallet, spool of tippet. In back pocket of rain coat or vest a roll of tp in zip lock bag and knot tool along with 30 lb. leader material.
  10. Craig Schulz

    Craig Schulz Midwest transplant, but taking root nicely....

    The simpler the better in my opinion! If you have room you will carry something you don't need! Lanyard, nipper, file, forceps two spools of tippet!
  11. Pete Langevin

    Pete Langevin Member

    i made a couple of lanyards today. went to a craft store for a project to keep my 4 year old occupied.. got most of what i needed..

    came out serviceable.. had enough beads and snapswivels i made 2..

    when i outfit them i'll tell you all how they worked for me..
  12. Pete Langevin

    Pete Langevin Member

    one last thing.. i tied the top.. but i know some use a little gadget that holds the cord snug.. like on coats and gloves .. WHAT IS THE GADGET CALLED? no one seems to know..

    after some investigation the gadget is called a CORDLOCK.. found out they come in all shapes and sizes too.. .. thanks all..
  13. Bob Jones

    Bob Jones Still truckless now farther away

    i've made several lately since I had so much usable fly tying gear. I used a tube over the neck and a cllip on the bottom to hold to your shirt to keep it from swinging loose. There are lots of things you can do, I'm going to try a pocket for fly boxes next.
  14. My vote is for a vest. And if im going on a bit of a hike i take a small backpack with the horizantal waste and chest straps, to carry lunch and drink.
  15. Hatch71

    Hatch71 New Member

    I'm a lumbar pack guy myself.... Ok It's still sounds weird saying it like that... Butt Pack Fanny pack... What ever you know the kind. I really like the Maxpedition "Jumbo Fatboy" going to try that one out. Since I spend most of my time hunting Rainbows and Bass I think less is more... Usually in small creeks..... But I really think it's all personal preference. I see many guys with Vest and lanyards.... I love my Filson Vest when I'm hunting but don't dig the vest while fishing... Can get hot at times. Also the lanyard thing scares me... Nothing good can come from having anything dangle around your neck in a survival situation on the river that thing could kill you. Just a few thoughts.... Chris
  16. Donald Johnson

    Donald Johnson cuttman

    I've tried them all. Now, depends on what I'm doing. Trout fishing stream-pockets and small backpack, Steelhead-pockets, Salt-pockets, Lake-tote bag in my pram.
  17. Bill Dodd

    Bill Dodd Bill's in a time out.

    I use a Tech pack and sometimes a Back pack or a Fanny pack for wading if I'm walking in,
    A lanyard when I'm in the boat.

  18. David Loy

    David Loy Senior Moment

    I have exactly two of everything proffered here. What works for me is: depends on the situation, however the vests are sliding into obscurity. A SMALL chest pack is a joy to use, particularly for creek'n. A small chest pack along with a camelback is a great combo too. I use a lanyard most probably, either with a pata fanny pack or in a tube/toon/DB. Most of us will agree that less is more. But it's nice to have more near at hand. One thing for sure, I don't like anything heavy digging into my neck. And I can't seem to not fill up vest pockets to the point of discomfort. I like the sling pack, solo, but that and a lanyard compete for space. Didn't care for the sling/chest pack combo.
    So the short answer for me is: A lanyard when ever practical, with some other means of carrying tippet, boxes, etc. Fanny pack if hot, jacket or camelback if not, tube/toon/DB if floating.
  19. Tod Fossetta

    Tod Fossetta Sorry, I'm not set up for that.

    I usually use a lanyard, and stuff it into my waders to keeps it out of the way and snug. I have a chest pack, but hate it. I usually use a Mountainsmith lumbar pack with a shoulder strap, it's probably a sling pack and I just don't know it. When I sling it around behind me, it's out of my way,and it packs lots of crap. I'm a crap-packer.

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