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  1. If you buy plastic boxes with lots of sections go to an office supply store and buy sheets of flexible magnet. Cut pieces to fit the bottom of each section, peel the paper off the back, stick it in the bottom of each section and you have a magnetic fly box.
  2. Cliff Bugger Barn for streamers and Super Days Worth for all in one box appoach. They are cheap and have huge capacity. I use a C & F Designs box with a divider for Chironomids.
  3. The Richardson Chest Fly Box Co out of PA makes a really neat box dating back to the 1950's. I have an old 3 tray model I use for trout and you can fit 1000's of flies in it. The company is in transition and there may be a wait. Joan Wulff and Bobby Knight swear by them :)
  4. I use an Okachobee Fats bag in my jon boat. Mine is an older model than the one in this video, and it came with 5 of the flip lid plastic boxes instead of 3. I found it at Walmart for $10 about 5-6 years ago. I have several tackle boxes, but this bag is my favorite.
  5. I have gone almost exclusively to these Flambeau boxes... They come in a good range of sizes, are water proof, relatively inexpensive and are almost bullit proof.

  6. I mentioned this earlier in the thread.
    Here is one I put together tonight for some bass bug. I used a Plano box with no dividers, foam sheets from Michaels and rubber cement. I already had the cement, so I figure in materials it cost me around $6.00 to put together. I could put foam under the lid as well to double the capacity.
    Not pretty but cheap & functional.
    Flies 322.jpg Flies 321.jpg
  7. buy a box of nice cigars that are packed in a hinged mahogany wooden box; put your cigars in your humidor and buy some self adhering ripple foam; cut the foam to size and stick it in the box, both on the inside of the lid and on the bottom of the box; they provide plenty of room, they are durable, they float, and they are lightweight
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  8. Know that's a great Idea!
  9. I'd highly reccomend the largest Umpqua UPG. Great boxes and well worth the price.
  10. I took Freestone's suggestion and used a 50% off coupon at Michael's to get a clear art storage box. I bought 4 sheets of foam to glue into the top compartment and cut slits in it. The top compartment comes out and it came with dividers for the bottom compartment, but I haven't touched that yet. Will probably cut out some of the dividers to store fly boxes for chironomids, drys, and other non-streamer type flies that I don't keep in the top section. Decorated it with some stickers I had laying around too.
    DSC_2599.JPG DSC_2600.JPG
  11. The large flambeau box works well for me to. It stores a lot of flies and is waterproof. Although I like the idea of buying foam and making my own custom fly box.
  12. oh, the woes of having too many fly boxes, in turn having too many flies. is that possible? is that like having too many fly rods, or too much money? luv it. mike w
  13. Thought you wanted a fly box? What you have here is a custom tackle box!
  14. Any suggestion on your favorite cigars that come in these boxes. I'm constantly looking for others takes on good cigars.
  15. Nice selection of flies he has there.
  16. montana fly company boat box.....
  17. google IFTD winner
  18. I have to say that less is better. I have been dunking the donut in stillwaters for a lot of years. I have way more flies than I need. A little intel before you go out the door would be a good idea. A small box with a hand full of flies in it should do nicely. My advice is
    1. Figure where you will be fishing and what time of the year, weather conditions and time frame.
    2. Figure out what bugs will be most active at that time and place
    (It will be a crap shoot, but if you hit it, it will be a real mind bender).
    3. Take two or three patterns that fit the bill or at least the estimate.(a couple of each or three would be better incase you hit that brute and he breaks you off.)
    4. Take a few other maybe patterns in assorted sizes and quantity.
    At best you would have a dozen or so flies. Maybe five patterns at most.

    As you go through this drill, it becomes more comfortable and you will further reduce your box contents. I usually go with a few drys, some buggers (my favorite) and perhaps a pheasant tail or some other nymph.

    Fishing a river, I throw these rules to the wind and take everything I think will work.
  19. Try Tim Blythe at Great guy, very helpful, offers great suggestions. Excellent website, very customer friendly.
  20. of course, though it is of secondary importance to choosing the right cigar, the better wooden boxes for this are the thinner boxes, maybe 1.5" tall; the other consideration is the ripple foam, the only place I've found the large boat patch size foam is from mad river outfitters, their ad claims the self-adhering patches to be 15" by 8" or something like that, but they are actually bigger, about 15" X 12" which is plenty big to line two wooden boxes

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