Large school of herring

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Richard Torres, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. This is encouraging to see!
    Some under water video I discovered, taken Oct_2012 near Narrows Bridge.

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  2. They look pretty comfortable with no salmon chasing them! Where's the salmon?!! :)
  3. Beautiful! It's great to see this in the Sound, as well.

    Hopefully not too far away ;)
  4. Last week I was cleaning up a stretch of beach here, and I found 4 surf smelt washed up along the high tide line. One was about 7" or so. Others were in the 4" to 5" range. I fished twice in good looking spots for surf perch, but had no strikes at all. No seals around where I was. Their presence can be a good indicator of surf perch.

    A long-time local told me that herring spawn locally back in the estuaries, as early as mid-late Feb. He told me about one spot to go check. They like to lay their eggs on eel grass or other vegetation.
  5. Thanks for the post! It probably helps to explain why that there are so many large resident coho in the Tacoma area this winter.


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