Large SRC still in estuaries

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Roger Stephens, Nov 6, 2004.

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    For the last month and 1/2 my fishing buddy and I have been mainly targeting silvers and chum on Puget Sound. Catching large salmon is fun but my first love is the SRC fisheries in saltwater. So this last week, I targeted SRC in some estuaries and have done quite well.

    Yesterday I fished the last 1/2 of the incoming tide for 2 hours at a shelf 1/2 mile from an estuary where chums were staging and landed 12 SRC(14-22"). The strategy that I used was to anchor at the start of the shelf and first cover the water using a floating candlefish pattern. Once the SRC quite hitting it, I switched rods and covered the same water with a extra fast sinking line(3-6 1/2" per sec. sink rate) with a Olive/white clouser minnow. When the fish quite hitting the clouser, I moved down current(60-70 ft.) further onto the shelf and repeated the above. I moved down current 4-5 times until moving off the shelf into deeper water.

    Got 3 SRC(16-19") skating the floating candlefish pattern. The other 9 SRC(a couple of 16-18" and a 22") were caught on the clouser minnow.

    On the floating candlefish pattern I have positioned (45 degree angle sloping back) a 8mm pearl sequin(can buy at craft stores) behind the hook eye. The sequin helps to keep the fly skating and popping on the surface plus it helps give the fly some sideways back and forth motion when retrieved. Some SRC came a foot or so out of the water when they hit it.
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    Great report, very informative :thumb:
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    Dr. Stephens, your reports are always brilliant. They make the reader think, "what would it take to get to fish with this guy?"
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    R. Stephens,

    Yes, awesome report! Thanks again for sharing. I'm printing this out and filing it with the others. :thumb: