Larry Dahlberg Bonefish fly

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Irafly, Jan 11, 2009.

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    I watched an episode of Hunt for Big Fish with Larry Dahlberg and he highligted a fly I think he called the Bonefish Cruncher. My internet results have turned up squat as far as a picture a recipe.

    Anyone out there have any clue?

  2. riseform Active Member

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    I have never tied, fished or heard of this fly, but I Googled "Dahlberg bone crusher fly" and discovered this response in another fly fishing forum from 2003 (post from Mattb of that forum). I hope it's ok to reproduce.

  3. FLGator Member

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    Here is a link to one that Larry described as "the closest" to his:

    Larry empahsized to "make the fly stay upright and the wing to stay vertical in the water".

    There are a few posts on his "ask Larry" fourm about this fly.
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    depending on the bottom structure I tie flies (adapted from Lafontaines leech) that leaves a good cloud when it moves. the cloud is visible from a greater distance. I think he called it his strip leech. It basically has two mono legs that balance it and dig in when you strip. I do a basically do a wool crab with the legs.
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    I knew guys on this forum would do a better job than me with their internet searches.

    Thanks for the info and searching.

    I like the concept and I'm certain I'll apply it to not only my bonefish flies but also to my bass and trout flies as well. In fact I'm thinking of a Rocky Ford Scud pattern that might work.